Renowned Career Coach Deborah Brown-Volkman Unveils Groundbreaking Online Program, Career Goals Accelerator to Fast Track Career Success

November 30 23:03 2023
Renowned Career Coach Deborah Brown-Volkman Unveils Groundbreaking Online Program, Career Goals Accelerator to Fast Track Career Success

According to Deborah Brown-Volkman, “If you want something different, you have to do something different.”
Deborah Brown-Volkman, Career Goals Guru, launches her program titled “Career Goals Accelerator: Fast Track Your Career Success.” The online program empowers participants to combat procrastination, stay motivated, and achieve career aspirations promptly. Drawing from personal experience and two decades as a Certified Career & Executive Coach, Deborah offers a step-by-step formula for success. Her mission is to guide individuals through adversity, fostering personal growth and career advancement.

East Moriches, NY – Deborah Brown-Volkman, Career Goals Guru announces the launch of her new online program Career Goals Accelerator: Fast Track Your Career Success.

Premise of the course. It’s time to get moving. Conquer procrastination, get motivated, and be supported as you reach your career goals. 

Participants will discover:

  • What it really takes to be successful in reaching career goals.

  • How to kick start your career goal journey today not somewhere down the road.

  • A simple formula for keeping momentum going and staying on track.

  • It’s NOW or NEVER: How to get moving quickly.

Why are goals so important to Deborah? It’s because they saved her life. 

At the lowest moments in her life, Deborah chose a goal to work on. If she felt out of control, she chose a goal to work on. If she felt fearful, anxious, or uncertain about her future, she chose a goal to work on.

Goals gave Deborah a new way of looking at her current situation.

A difference perspective ➕ taking action (movement) = pulled Deborah out of it.

Goals helped Deborah: 

  • Get stronger.

  • Build her confidence.

  • Release her fears.

  • Change her life.

Deborah has put what has learned from personal experience, as well as her experience of helping clients successfully reach their career goals for the past 20 years, into this program. Participants will learn Deborah’s winning formula, step-by-step, of how they can successfully fast track their career goals journey to career success.

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About Deborah Brown-Volkman, Career Goals Guru:

For over two decades, Deborah has been on the forefront of the coaching industry and is known as the go-to resource for goal achievement. She is a Certified Career & Executive Coach who works with clients who are serious about reaching their goals and doing the work to get there. As an author of several best-selling books, she taps into 20+ years of solid career coaching experience empowering 1,000’s of clients to find new jobs, new careers, and new ways of dealing with workplace challenges. Deborah has worked with clients in companies, including: Facebook, Google, Citibank, Nautica, Verizon, and many others. 

Deborah is a regular person who went through a tough beginning, survived it, healed herself, and is now on a mission to help people get unstuck and move forward. To unfreeze. A mission she takes very seriously.

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VIDEO: Why & How Goals Saved Deborah’s Life

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