Boulder-based Indie Alt Rock artist Benton Crane unveils ambitious 2024 release schedule, kicking off with the emotionally charged single ‘Invisible Child’

November 30 22:51 2023

Boulder, CO – November 30, 2023 – Independent artist Benton Crane is set to captivate audiences with his latest release, “Invisible Child,” an up-tempo and moody Indie Alt Rock single that delves into the complexities of mental health recovery. The single is scheduled to release on January 23, 2024, accompanied by a visually-striking music video, marking the first of eight releases slated for 2024.

Invisible Child” serves as a poignant exploration of healing old wounds while navigating societal expectations. The lyrics, woven seamlessly into Benton Crane’s evocative sound, reflect a struggle against external pressures to conform. The song advocates for embracing one’s uniqueness, even if it means diverging from societal norms—a challenging but beautiful journey towards self-discovery. 

Reflecting on the song’s theme, Benton Crane states, “It’s a difficult road to travel, but there is so much beauty in that journey. ‘Invisible Child’ is about finding the true path to healing by embracing what makes you different, even if it goes against the grain of society.” 

The accompanying music video promises to visually amplify the emotional depth of the song, offering a mesmerizing experience that enhances the narrative crafted by Benton Crane.

The music video will be live here: 

Benton Crane, a resident of Boulder, CO, is not only a musical visionary but also an advocate for mental health. His artistry is deeply rooted in the dichotomy between reality and fantasy, as seen in his synthy psychedelic rock creations. His commitment to providing a refuge for listeners is evident in his music, offering a few minutes of respite from the chaos of life. 

In addition to “Invisible Child,” Benton Crane’s journey through sonic landscapes includes his earlier releases such as “Everything We Touch,” “A New Dawn,” and “Nuclear Night.” His debut solo album, ‘Welcome to Paradise,’ released during the pandemic, captured raw emotions and frustration towards the ongoing climate crisis. 

“As a musician, I aim to create art, not content. My songs are stories that escape the void and demand to be heard, seen, and felt,” says Benton Crane. 

“Invisible Child” is just the beginning of Benton Crane’s musical exploration. Inspired by bands like Arcade Fire, The Flaming Lips, and MGMT, he is set to unveil a series of releases in 2024, inviting listeners to tune in and experience the evolution of his sonic journey. 

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