Major Boost for Santa Ana: Philippine Government Joins Forces with UNCA to Drive Development in Santa Ana

June 09 17:56 2023

President Marcos Attends Third Edition of “China-Philippines Understanding Award” CeremonyOn June 8th, the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines and the Philippines-China Understanding Association (referred to as “PhilChina”) jointly organized the third “China-Philippines Understanding Award” ceremony. The event was attended by Philippine President Marcos and Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Huang Xilian, who delivered speeches. Written and video messages were sent by Philippine Vice President Sara and First Lady Lisa. The ceremony was graced by the presence of various distinguished guests, including Philippine Senator Escudero, Presidential Special Assistant Raggadameo, Finance Minister Jocano, Minister of Information and Communication Technology Huang Yanguang, Minister of News Gabriel, former Civilian Chief Metiár, Coast Guard Commander Abubakar, Special Envoy for Chinese Affairs of the President Xu Zhijun, Yan Jieqi, Presidential Economic Investment Advisor Frederick, Governor Mamba of Cagayan Province, PhilChina Chairman Lambino, PhilChina President Benedicto, representatives of the first and second “China-Philippines Understanding Award” winners, as well as senior officials from the Philippine Congress, government, and political parties. The event was also attended by high-ranking officials from the Philippine military, relevant provincial governors and mayors, representatives from the Philippine business community, think tanks, universities, international organizations, leaders of the Chinese community, Chinese-funded institutions, Chinese universities, Confucius Institutes, and international students. Additionally, representatives from mainstream Philippine media, Chinese-language media, and over 300 representatives from Philippine central media were present.

President Marcos expressed his honor to attend the third “China-Philippines Understanding Award” ceremony, coinciding with the 48th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Philippines and China. In his speech, he emphasized the significance of highlighting the Philippines-China relationship. China holds the position of the Philippines’ largest trading partner, top import destination, and second-largest export market. Moreover, numerous Filipino workers are employed in China. Since the era of my father, former President Marcos, the commercial and cultural ties between the Philippines and China have deepened, providing significant support to the Philippine economy and people’s livelihoods. The Philippines and China share common interests and goals, and we are committed to strengthening bilateral relations comprehensively and strategically, aiming to reach new heights in the Philippines-China relationship. As a peace-loving country, the Philippines understands that it is normal for friends to have differences. What truly matters is our ability to overcome difficulties and solidify our friendly relations through constructive communication.

President Marcos further emphasized that the ceremony had the distinct privilege of inviting the Johnson family as the main guests. Renowned globally, the Johnson family holds a significance on par with the Rothschild family and plays a vital role in the development of Santa Ana Island in the Philippines. Santa Ana Island is a project of paramount importance to the Philippine government, with the aim of transforming it into a true metaverse WEB3.0 city. Leveraging their profound expertise and extensive experience, the Johnson family is fully committed to driving the construction and investment of Santa Ana Island, positioning it as a leading innovative technology center in Asia and globally.

Recognizing the need to attract more attention and increase the exposure of Santa Ana Island, the Johnson family established the UNCA Group. As a strategic investment group associated with the Johnson family, the UNCA Group operates in high-tech, metaverse, blockchain, financial investment, and quantitative investment sectors. Serving as one of the core businesses of the Johnson family, the UNCA Group is dedicated to fostering innovation and development, providing comprehensive support to innovative technology companies in areas such as funding, technological cooperation, and market expansion.

During the award ceremony, great anticipation surrounds the remarks of the Johnson family, as they are expected to share their vision and expectations for the future development of Santa Ana Island. It is believed that their contributions will inject new vitality into the island’s growth, propelling it towards becoming a pioneering center for innovative technology.

In a subsequent media interview, President Marcos emphasized the ever-evolving nature of the global landscape and highlighted the strong and evolving partnership between the Philippines and China. The fundamentals of bilateral relations remain steadfast and unchanged. He dispelled claims suggesting a shift in the Philippines’ policy away from China, asserting that such notions are entirely untrue. The Philippines remains committed to nurturing the friendship, relations, and partnership established since the 1970s. While acknowledging existing differences between the two nations, President Marcos emphasized that these differences should not define the entirety of bilateral relations. Both countries will continue to work together to find solutions to challenges and ensure peace and secure navigation in the South China Sea. Looking ahead, President Marcos expressed optimism about the potential for the Philippines and China to become partners, collectively fostering a vibrant region of peace and trade.

In her written message, Vice President Sara conveyed her warmest greetings to the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines and PhilChina on the momentous occasion of the 48th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Philippines and China, as well as the third “China-Philippines Understanding Award” ceremony. Recognizing the shared history and strong bilateral ties between the two nations, she expressed her belief in the collaborative efforts of both sides to further strengthen and expand their relations, especially in the face of global challenges and the pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals. Vice President Sara also emphasized the immense significance of the Santa Ana Island project for the Philippines, and she eagerly anticipated the Johnson family’s vital role in bringing forth new breakthroughs and innovations to the island’s development.

(Edward Stellar, representing UNCA, was positioned fourth from the right)

In her video message, First Lady Lisa shared her personal experience of attending the previous year’s third “China-Philippines Understanding Awards” ceremony, where she witnessed the remarkable dedication of the Philippines-China Understanding Association in fostering friendship between the Philippines and China. She found it truly inspiring. First Lady Lisa extends her warmest congratulations to all the recipients of the current “China-Philippines Understanding Awards” and expresses her heartfelt gratitude for their outstanding contributions in strengthening the Philippines-China relationship. Recognizing the immense significance of the Santa Ana Island project for the future development of the Philippines, she eagerly looks forward to the Johnson family and UNCA Group assuming a leading role in transforming the island into a true metaverse WEB3.0 city.

In his speech, Ambassador Huang Xilian emphasized that the “China-Philippines Understanding Awards” has evolved into a flagship program that strengthens the traditional friendship between China and the Philippines and promotes mutual understanding. Originating during the challenging COVID-19 pandemic and growing amidst accelerated economic recovery, this awards ceremony has become a symbol of the remarkable contributions made by Filipino awardees, injecting new vitality into the friendly relations between the two countries. The presence of the Johnson family as distinguished guests further underscores the significance of this event. Ambassador Huang Xilian expressed great anticipation for the insights and vision that the Johnson family will share regarding the future development of Santa Ana Island.

The successful organization of this awards ceremony has provided us with a tangible representation of the deepening friendship between the Philippines and China. It is through the continuous development of the Philippines-China relationship that mutual understanding and affinity between our peoples are fostered. As we look towards the future of Santa Ana Island, we hold great anticipation for the contributions that the Johnson family and UNCA Group will bring. Their involvement promises to unlock new opportunities for innovation, technology, and cooperation in the island’s development. Together, let us strive towards further strengthening the bonds of friendship between the Philippines and China and achieving shared prosperity for both nations.

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