Griffith Global Offers Comprehensive Travel Protection for Travelers Worldwide

June 09 19:51 2023
Seamless travel protection, covering field rescue, medical evacuation, destination alerts, and risk mitigation.

Griffith Global, a Houston-based close protection, security risk management, and security company, is expanding its offerings to include comprehensive travel protection plans for travelers across the globe, regardless of their citizenship or destination. This marks an important development in the travel industry, as it recognizes the growing need for holistic and proactive measures to mitigate travel risks.

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, traveling across linguistic, cultural, and geographic boundaries has become more common. But this trend has also created a greater need for travel protection designed to address the challenges inherent in international travel. Travelers are exposed to more risk factors that make them vulnerable to security threats, medical emergencies, and other unforeseen circumstances.

Griffith Global’s travel plans are customized to address these challenges, ensuring travelers feel safe and supported during their travels. Unlike typical travel insurance that reimburses expenses after the fact, Griffith Global’s travel protection plans offer proactive and real-time assistance for various situations. The plans focus on providing security risk management, logistics support, medical assistance, and emergency response.

Its team of experienced professionals – critical care paramedics, physicians, nurses, and military special operations veterans – are well-equipped to deal with any emergency that may arise during a traveler’s trip. The company has support hubs across the globe and a network of vetted professionals who can deliver on-ground support as needed.

Moreover, Griffith Global utilizes the Rescue App, a proprietary mobile application, to track the traveler’s location and provide timely updates on weather conditions, political unrest, or other potential security threats. This means travelers can get immediate assistance in a risky situation.

Griffith Global’s travel protection plans are available for annual and short-term subscriptions. These include rescue, transport, and evacuation with the optional addition of physical extraction and high-altitude rescue. There are no deductibles, co-pays, or claim forms, making it easy for travelers to get support when needed.

With its travel protection plans, Griffith Global is moving at the forefront of protecting travelers globally, empowering them to venture out with peace of mind and confidence.

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