Ginger-U Expands Access to Women’s Health with New “How To” Coaching Sessions

June 07 22:21 2023
Women across the U.S. can receive personalized health coaching online at their convenience with Ginger-U

Ginger-U LLC is excited to announce the launch of its private, online “How To” health coaching sessions for women designed specifically for women’s whole health. These sessions are an expansion of Ginger-U’s commitment to making comprehensive women’s health guidance more accessible than ever. Health coaching has not only been proven to significantly improve well-being, but also to contribute to health care cost savings.

Ginger-U is a progressive provider of women’s whole health resources, ranging from supplements to the Ginger-U app, which offers full health tracking for women from menstruation to menopause. Women can also receive the guidance and expertise of dedicated women health coaches in areas such as nutrition, lifestyle, weight management, self-care, stress management, hormone and gut health, and much more.

The newly launched “How To” health coaching sessions are completely online and private. These sessions are available in categories including personal wellness, physical health and fitness, personal growth and transformation, relationships, and mindfulness. Women can choose from a variety of topics to suit their interests and challenges, such as how to manage stress effectively, how to set and maintain healthy boundaries in relationships, how to navigate life transitions with resilience and authority, and how to practice mindfulness in everyday activities. Each coaching session is held with an expert woman health coach and teaches women practical strategies and techniques for navigating their health journeys.

There are currently 60 “How To” coaching sessions available for women to choose from, providing a comprehensive range of topics to meet the varied health and wellness needs of women.

“We are enthusiastic about the potential to significantly enhance our clients’ lives and contribute to their healthier, happier futures,” said Mehregany. “Our dedicated team of expert women health coaches is committed to empowering women on their health and wellness journey by providing personalized guidance and support.” 

Women have health and life experiences that are completely unique, including higher rates of depression and anxiety. Ginger-U is committed to supporting women at all life stages. The launch of the “How To” coaching sessions reflects this commitment, supplementing Ginger-U’s already robust range of products and services.

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Ginger-U LLC empowers women to take control of their health and unlock their full potential through its premium-quality products, services, and information, including a comprehensive women’s health app, top-quality health coaching services, dietary supplements, and a curated blog on women’s health. 

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