Canopy Buddy, LLC Launched With A Set Of Innovative Products Like “The Vault” And “The Quad-V.”

June 07 17:39 2023
The Vault is the World’s first Remote-Controlled Canopy Light with Beach Lock Box, and The Quad is 5-in-1: LED Lights and Bluetooth Speaker that is a must see!

The founder and CEO of, Edward, is a lifelong camper. Inspired by Apple’s ingenuity of combining items that are necessities, Edward developed two brand-new, innovative products that are a must see! Canopy Buddy’s multifunctional, portable, and durable products are designed to light up campsites, protect valuables, play music, and have powerful rechargeable battery that makes them one of the longest-lasting portable LED lanterns available in the market.

Canopy Buddy is committed to solving real-life problems of beachgoers, campers, and those who enjoy the outdoors. Canopy Buddy understands the need to protect valuables from opportunistic thieves on beaches, lakes, rivers, and other outdoor locations so that people can build memories with their loved ones worry-free. Being camping and music lovers, Canopy Buddy understands life is better with music and campsites safer when properly illuminated.

The Vault, as seen on is a modern, multipurpose, and durable remote-controlled canopy light with a motorized lockbox to keep valuables safe — out of reach and out of sight. This is a must-have product whether need a camping light for a tent/canopy or are just hitting the beach, lake, river, etc. Get peace of mind while keeping valuables protected while joining that volleyball game, building that sandcastle, and being present in the moment with loved ones. The Vault provides multiple light settings, such as “bright” for reading or enjoying dinner, and “low” for just hanging out in its ambient lighting.

Keeping in line with a top-down light source being safer on the eyes, Canopy Buddy just finished development of The Quad model V. Being an experienced camper, Edward is always looking for ways to be prepared without overpacking. After all everything must be transported back and forth. Currently, people take a lantern and a Bluetooth speaker whenever going camping or to parks etc. Having the need to minimize the number of items to carry; it just made sense to create a versatile and practical lantern that also has robust Bluetooth speakers built in. This reduces two items down to one!

The Quad, as seen on, is not dad’s lantern. This modern camping light for tent/canopy serves five functions! When set on the tabletop, it shines light out and downwards protecting the eyes. Adjust for height using the telescoping legs to illuminate table and seating area while keeping eyes protected from the light. The Quad easily attaches to the inside center of the canopy frame to provide a top-down light source all while playing tunes via Bluetooth speakers. It can also be used as a spotlight or handheld lantern. Plus, The Quad is great to have at home as an emergency backup in case of a blackouts.

For more information about Canopy Buddy products, please visit to learn more.

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