Dynamic Commencement Speaker Delivers ‘Deeply Inspirational Tribute About Father’

June 07 00:16 2023

Tevin Ali, Motivational Speaker for College Students and Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author, delivered the Commencement Address to the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Spring Graduating Class of 2023. Notably, Tevin was chosen for this prestigious honor at the young age of 31. 

Tevin, who has received numerous awards and national media attention as a speaker and author for his impact on students and professionals across the nation, paid tribute to his father for paving the way through struggle and sacrifice to make his story possible. 

The address started with a charismatic charge as he told the story of the ‘most ambitious’ person he had ever met, his father, Mr. Hassim ‘Archie’ Ali, who passed away unexpectedly on Christmas morning, December 25, 2022. In 1994, Hassim Ali, his wife, and his mother moved from Trinidad and Tobago to Florida and worked to give their children a better life. They started off living in someone’s garage when they first came to Florida and worked minimum-wage jobs to make ends meet. Through the hard work and sacrifice of his father, mother, and grandmother, Tevin and his brother went on to become first-generation college graduates.  

Tevin tearfully recounts his father’s lessons of selflessness and sacrifice to work hard and put heartful effort into providing for his two boys while also helping his family, friends, and the community.

“Because of my father’s ambition and hard work, he paved the way for my brother and me to get an education in the United States. He built a road that not only he could use but one many others can benefit from. His road led me to forge my own road as a speaker and author, impacting the next generation and helping them overcome their life barriers, obstacles, and challenges. Losing my dad is the greatest challenge I’ve faced in life. Still, I remember his legacy lives on through me, so I choose to keep speaking to audiences and inspiring the next generation of their potential to impact our world, even beyond barriers and hardship,” said Tevin Ali in reflection of his commencement address.  

Ali inspirationally concluded to the graduating class, “This moment has been entrusted to you, the next generation, by many people. Praying that their investment in you and your investment in yourself would work for the good of all. That all their hopes would, one day, become manifested to make the world better. That hope is you. You are the dream. You are the legacy.”

Some touching reactions and commentary to the inspiring commencement address include:

“Hi, Tevin! You don’t know me, but I was one of the graduates yesterday when you gave the commencement address at FAU. I just want to say that your speech was really inspiring, and it impacted me greatly. Thank you for being an inspiration, and I’ll always strive to be the “dropper” for someone else. God Bless You!” said one of the graduates.  

“I’m at such a loss for words and honestly struggling to articulate how phenomenal, inspiring, and impactful your address was. You always provide so much wisdom and exemplify what life is all about. I truly hope you recognize and appreciate the profound impact you have on people just by being yourself. Today, you were able to carry your dad’s legacy by sharing his wisdom and teachings. After listening to your address, I can say that your dad impacted my life today through what he passed on to you,” said an audience member.

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