JRE Private Limited Offering Premium Flexible Teflon Hoses and Stainless-Steel Hoses for Many Industrial Uses

June 07 00:42 2023
JRE Private Limited is not only manufacturing the best Teflon and steel hose assemblies for several applications but also offering the selected hoses from top brands.

JRE Private Limited, founded in 1981, is a manufacturer and supplier of flexible hose assemblies, as well as specialised equipment for the petrochemical and power industry. The manufacturer caters to all industries where flexible connections are required. Over the years, JRE Private Limited has also diversified as a technology service provider for various companies from around the world. From a humble start with the offering of rubber hoses, JRE Private Limited has come to supply several specialised hose assemblies, fit for a wide range of applications.

In the latest seminar, the spokesperson of JRE Private Limited announced, “For our valuable clientele, we now also provide top-quality flexible Teflon hoses. We have smooth bore PTFE hoses, as well as corrugated bore PTFE hoses. Their construction includes PTFE smooth or corrugated tube that is externally SS 304 braided. Sizes are available from 3/16″ up to 6″ in diameter, and their temperature range goes from -73 degrees Celsius to 260 degrees Celsius. Our fresh range of Teflon hoses is resistant to weather, ageing, and diffusion.”

For industries wanting to contact Teflon hose suppliers, JRE Private Limited offers a variety of reliable products. These flexible hoses can find application in the transfer of aggressive chemicals, such as weak acids, chlorine, acetyl chloride, ammonium nitrate, oleum, and molten sulphur. Industries can select the hose specifications as per their needs. The manufacturer uses its in-house modern technology to produce the finest Teflon hoses, which it provides at very affordable prices.

The spokesperson further asserted, “Our continuous improvement of processes focuses on total quality, R&D, resource productivity, cost-effectiveness, and teamwork. We follow a quality management system that conforms to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, CE, and ATEX. We not only perform effective monitoring of this system but also make continuous improvements to our technology used to achieve zero-defect products. Our recent additions to our line of products are the stainless-steel corrugated hoses of standard BS 6501. On request, we supply our special hoses featuring extra high pressure, smooth bore and jacketed hose assembly.”

For its clients wanting to purchase stainless steel hose, the manufacturer offers the product in sizes varying from 6 mm to 350 mm. Their temperature range goes up to 800 degrees Celsius. The construction of stainless-steel hoses features flexible tubing, single thick-wall corrugation, no packing, and hydraulically formed annular corrugation. Due to their outstanding characteristics, the JRE/S.S. 1W & JRE/S.S. 2W hose assemblies are suitable for a wide variety of applications. Such applications include the cooling lines in power plants, the blast furnaces in steel plants, and the changing, mixing and conveyor lines in chemical industries.

About JRE Private Limited

JRE Private Limited manufactures several types of industrial hoses and couplings, ranging from thermoplastic composite hoses and cryogenic hoses to break away and dry break couplings. Whether domestic or international clients need metal and rubber bellows or marine loading arms, the manufacturer supplies it all. JRE Private Limited also partners with credible brands like Finn Power India so that its clients can purchase Finn Power crimping machines, hose cutting and skiving machines, and nut crimping and cable crimping machines from Finland.

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