eBike Generation makes waves by filling a growing demand for hunting e-bikes

June 07 00:18 2023
Electric hunting bikes are a game-changer for hunters, and eBike Generation is elevating offroad adventure with powerful electric hunting e-bikes that can handle different terrains with ease.

eBike Generation continues to revolutionize the market by filling a growing demand among hunters – that is, turning to e-bikes for hunting.

“The combination of hunting and riding an e-bike doesn’t immediately appear to be a natural fit, but e-bikes help hunters a lot. That’s where we come into the picture,” explains John Murphy, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of eBike Generation, now the most searched website for electric hunting bikes.

With the growing demand for electric hunting bikes and more open regulations embracing e-bikes, the company sits at the top as a leading source of the best e-bikes for hunting. According to John, eBike Generation’s products are designed for offroad terrain, capable of carrying a lot of weight, and also designed to carry extra gear like dry pannier bags and trailers. They are also built to be whisper-quiet so hunters don’t scare away the game.

Through the years, John has learned about hunters’ need for heavy-duty e-bikes and found that there weren’t a lot of other shops targeting that demographic. He then began removing those little foldable e-bikes that are better for city streets from his inventory. 

E-bikes that are particularly built for hunting can make a big difference to the success of each hunter’s trip and every trip after that. The Mule, for example, is built with a smart motor that lets riders toggle between Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3 so they can stay legal wherever they ride it. They can walk beside the bike with the walk-assist engaged at three mph, and the e-bike motor does the heavy lifting. Countless hours have been spent in research, development, testing, and trial of The Mule, making it the absolute best e-bike for hunting on the market. 

Many hunters looking to access remote wilderness with ease are now embracing the latest technology to help seal an advantage on the road. 

Randy, a hunter, described The Mule as a “versatile workhorse” and an “awesome invention.”

“I bought it fall 2021 from eBike generations. They have been great to deal with. Used it all fall for deer hunting in the farmlands of Ohio and NJ, and the mountains of PA. Handles all terrain with ease,” writes Randy. 

eBike generation has also joined the green revolution by selling eco-friendly transportation. It’s e-bikes are an excellent choice for those looking to make a difference every day and choosing an environmentally green way to get around without breaking a sweat. 

Avid hunters looking for ways to elevate their day out in the wilderness may visit www.eBikeGeneration.com and start checking out the ultimate electronic hunting e-bikes. 

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