Inspiring and Healing Hearts from Blues and Beyond – Prolific Artist Mac McCaffery Unveils New Single “Sister Meri”

June 06 21:42 2023
Inspiring and Healing Hearts from Blues and Beyond - Prolific Artist Mac McCaffery Unveils New Single "Sister Meri"
Blues is a walk of life- and taking audiences through its mesmerizing and beautiful world is Mac McCaffery, a seasoned artist who remains true to his craft

Michael Taylor, an acclaimed musician, offers a vivid and soulful new track to the Blues genre as a prolific and talented songwriter and instrumentalist for Mac McCaffery.

With “Sister Meri” his riveting new single, the dynamic artist offers a distinctive perspective on the Blues genre and pushes the limits even farther into an unexplored territory. As a one-man band, Taylor’s various skills shine through in his mesmerizing vocals, elegant designs, and captivating instrumentals.

An unprecedented force in the genre, McCaffery’s music is firmly ingrained in his life, frequently expressing his own experiences and values. McCaffery feels that Blues is more than merely music; it is a therapeutic force which resonates with people and provides listeners with a channel of expression.

The artist strives to continue making music which impacts hearts and souls, drawing inspiration from people, more specifically his children who empower him to become the best version of himself every day.

With “Sister Meri” Mac McCaffery  hopes to accomplish all the goals that he has set for himself. Music for him, is an exploration of the human experience—the shared highs and lows, successes, and losses which each human being has to face and valiantly endure in this life. The artist also has desires to venture out into short stories, broadening his creative vision beyond music and showcasing the multifarious gifts that he possesses as a creative force.

“Sister Meri” is simply the most current illustration of McCaffery’s creativity. With every song, he requests his audience to join him on his personal journey, which is rich in experiences and genuine stories.

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Michael Taylor, better known as Mac McCaffery, has been a stalwart of the Texas music scene since moving to Austin in 1992. Beginning as a drummer on the vibrant 6th Street, he quickly transitioned to the guitar and started composing his own songs.

After his wife died in 2004, Taylor decided to become a CNA and continue his singing career. His resilience and dedication to his art are clear in his work, with each track a monument to his path. He created Mac McCaffery as a business entity in 2007 and has continued to generate unique music.

Taylor’s music is a reflection of his life experiences, reflecting his successes and tragedies that have molded him into the person he is today. He regards music as more than simply an aesthetic endeavor; it is a fundamental aspect of his life, a source of healing, and a meaningful way to connect with others in a more profound level.





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