China Feihe Showcases “5.28 Chinese Babies’ Day”, Nurturing a Brighter Future Through Six Years of Continuous Improvement

June 06 19:15 2023

Recently, a spectacle appeared on the big screens of Times Square in New York City: many Chinese babies showcase their different faces. Traditionally being smart meant having a high IQ but the event showed that there are hundreds of different ways a baby can be smart. Babies have infinite possibilities and their ability to make parents proud was evident during the event which attracted significant attention from the media and the public.

This exciting showcase of capabilities was coordinated and cheered on by China Feihe to mark the sixth annual “5.28 Chinese Babies’ Day”. This initiative aimed to promote awareness of the importance of brain development in 0–3-year-old children.

Stay true to the original aspirations, focusing on every facet of the baby’s development and growth

China Feihe first established “5.28 Chinese Babies’ Day” in 2018, in collaboration with the China Dairy Association and the China Dairy Industry Association. The initiative began with a focus on fostering high-quality parental companionship, gradually shifting its emphasis to individual growth and, this year, to the brain development of children aged 0–3 years. For the past six years, China Feihe has continuously strived to find healthier and more suitable paths for children’s development, advocating for attention to every aspect of a child’s growth.

Research on “brain science” is a strategic area of focus for science and technology globally. The brain is an intricate and extraordinary organ. As a pioneer in the industry, China Feihe is dedicated to exploring cutting-edge fields including “brain science”. This year’s “5.28 Chinese Babies’ Day” enhanced its emphasis on the cognitive development of 0–3-year-old children by delving into the infinite possibilities of intelligent growth. China Feihe advocates no single standard for a baby’s intelligence, and each baby is worthy of a parent’s pride.According to the World Health Organization, the first 1000 days of life present a critical “window of opportunity” for growth and development, profoundly influencing a child’s physical and cognitive development, and ultimately their adult health. A 2-year-old child’s brain already weighs 75% of an adult brain.

Existing research suggests that, besides genetic factors and the environment, nutrition plays a key role in brain development during the first 1000 days. Therefore, promoting attention to the brain development of 0–3-year-old children, and nourishing their brains through science-backed nutrition from the early stages, is essential for boosting cognitive ability and creativity. China Feihe has published research findings in the influential international journal, Frontiers in Nutrition, in 2022, reveiling that a combination of HMO, OPN, DHA, and other nutrients, has markedly more substantial impacts on neurocognitive function and brain structure compared to single nutrients.

Babies represent the promise of the future. By bringing attention to brain development of 0–3-year-old children, China Feihe is helping to shape a brighter future for babies. China Feihe’s vision for “5.28 Chinese Babies’ Day” provides the event with deeper societal significance and value, highlighting China Feihe’s responsibility and mission as a major enterprise.

Tailoring a Global Stage, Enhancing the Service Experience

As a company with a 61-year legacy, ‘User First’ remains the unwavering service philosophy at the heart of China Feihe. Over the past six years, the company has consistently elevated the service experience for users during its “5.28 Chinese Babies’ Day”, gaining deeper insights into user needs. Whether it was through establishing an immersive parent-child interactive space in 2018, or collaborating with AI artist Song Ting in 2022 to develop NFTs as gifts for babies, the “5.28 Chinese Babies’ Day” experience has profoundly connected with people’s hearts. This year, the event has innovatively curated a much-anticipated stage for babies, allowing them to showcase and shine on their own.

To cater to the domestic market in China, China Feihe collaborated with Hunan TV and Mango TV to host the exclusive “5.28 Baobao Smart & Joy Show” for Chinese babies. The event, featuring performances by talented infants and the involvement of top celebrities such as Zhang Ziyi and Lu Yi, was aimed at advocating focus on the brain development of 0–3-year-old children.

Appearing on the big screens of Times Square, China Feihe provided a stage for participants in “5.28 Chinese Babies’ Day” to showcase their charm to the world and for leading singer Mao Buyi to compose and perform the theme song for the event earning pride and joy. With this year’s “5.28 Chinese Babies’ Day”, whether it’s a refreshing new theme or the increased range and depth of activities, every action showcases China Feihe’s commitment to nurturing a better future.

Since its establishment in 1962, China Feihe has won the hearts of consumers through technological innovations, dedication to quality, and a ‘User First’ service philosophy. China Feihe will continue to break new ground, epitomizing the ongoing enhancement of Chinese infant formula and Chinese quality. As China Feihe President Cai Fangliang has said, “China Feihe will continue to promote the healthy growth and unlimited possibilities of every baby through love and responsibility.”

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