The Future of Education Is Games, Claims Frontier Trainings

June 06 18:07 2023
Games are the proven, fastest way to learn and train new knowledge

Traditional education is struggling under the weight of relevancy, applicability and engagement. Ask most teachers and they will tell you their students have low attention spans, low motivation and low commitment. How can this be solved? The future of education will be games. Why games, you ask? Games engage, games mesmerize, games educate and games can be created so they are multi sensory ensuring participation of all students.

Ever seen the cartoon with an elephant, a fish in a bowl, a monkey and a donkey and they are about to undergo an exam to climb a tree? That is how many students feel. That the system does not support their way of learning.

Yet, well created experiential games fully immerse the students. Students want to play, want to participate, want to engage and learning becomes the by-product of active play. Numerous studies have shown that students are engaged more when doing, than just listening. Students with supposed low attention spans can spend eight hours playing games and not eat or go to the restroom.

So why have games not been used in the past to teach? For the average teacher out there, they have been forced to follow a curriculum which involves memorization of large amounts of data, most of which does not create a lasting experience and transformation but rather is forgotten as soon as the exam is passed. Most award winning teachers actually incorporate games, play, interactivity and as a result have off the charts engagement of their students.

It takes time and resources to create these types of games. When that time is measured against the results it is hard to compare. There are now tools, systems, processes, blueprints to help you create these games far faster. Once a game has been created, it becomes a tool and resource that can be shared or licensed.

Most games created out there are one dimensional. Once you know the answer you can’t play the same game again. Great games challenge, they explore new concepts, they invite growth and expansion. Great games can be played multiple times and by people with a range of skill levels because they are multi-layered games. This way high achieving students are not left bored while underperforming students don’t stay confused and disconnected.

Knowing how to create these types of games will change your school, your educational institution and any company’s training department. Do you want to get ahead of the curve in education and be a leader in your field? One of the companies specializing in this area offers free training at a program called Play to Win where you can experience world-class games-based training. When you go, expect to learn a ton, work in a like-minded friendly community, have a lot of fun and walk away with tools, ideas and concepts for you to implement into your curriculum or business.

You can find out more at and see if this learning style is right for your needs.

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