The Official Partnership of Gorgio International Holding and the International Federation of Global and Green ICT a New Era in Developing ICT Standards

June 06 13:32 2023


Gorgio International Holding and the International Federation of Global & Green ICT are happy to announce their official relationship, which aims to promote cooperation and innovation in the information and communication technology (ICT) industry. Through this strategic partnership, the two well-known companies will work together to advance technology and effect positive change in their respective fields.

Gorgio International Holding is a well-known international business with experience in several fields, including ICT, blockchain technology, and cybersecurity. Gorgio International Holding was established to provide cutting-edge solutions to organizations and individuals, and it has continuously proven its dedication to excellence and innovation. The company has successfully met the changing needs of its clients across industries thanks to its extensive range of products and services.

The International Federation of Global & Green ICT (IFGICT) is a leading international nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable development through the efficient application of ICT. The IFGICT supports creating and adopting ICT standards and procedures that advance economic development, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability. The IFGICT has significantly influenced the worldwide ICT environment and brought about positive change in several industries thanks to its broad network of experts, organizations, and individuals.

A big step forward has been made in the development of ICT standards, blockchain technology, cybersecurity, and healthcare standards thanks to the partnership between Gorgio International Holding and IFGICT. Both organizations’ skills, networks, and resources are combined through this collaboration, encouraging sharing of knowledge and best practices to enhance technology and advance sustainable development.

Upon the announcement of this partnership, Dr.Kayyali Mohamed, the President of IFGICT, expressed his enthusiasm for this ground-breaking alliance, stating, “Such a partnership with Georgia would open a new era in developing ICT standards, blockchain, cybersecurity, and healthcare standards in many public and private sectors with collaboration by Gorgio International Holding.” Dr.Kayyali Mohamed’s statement underscores the potential of this partnership to drive innovation and create a positive impact on various industries, benefiting both the public and private sectors.

The official cooperation between Gorgio International Holding and IFGICT is anticipated to create ground-breaking developments, propel technical innovation, and improve environmentally friendly practices in the world of ICT. By working together, these groups want to advance the transition to a more connected, safe, and sustainable future.

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