Revolutionizing The Transport Industry: Cargoson’s Transport Management Software Brings Transport And Logistics Into The 21st Century

June 06 03:18 2023
Cargoson is changing the logistics and transport industry with its innovative transport management software for shippers. The transport industry has been long dominated by manual processes, with limited technology to optimize and streamline operations. Cargoson’s cutting-edge software brings transport logistics into the modern world with one single window, allowing manufacturing, wholesale and retail companies to book & manage freight shipments with their different logistics service providers.

Tallinn, Estonia – For a long time, the logistics industry has been left behind by technology. Trends such as manual transport rate requests, orders being placed via email or phone, and most contractual rates being created manually are commonplace in this industry. Not to mention, most logistics managers keep track of their shipments using Excel spreadsheets and notebooks. Customer notification is not any different, as most managers do it manually via email.

However, the rapid adaptation of Transport Management Software (TMS) in recent years indicates that the industry recognizes the transformative potential of technology. According to recent research, the TMS market size was valued at $10.45 billion in 2022 and is expected to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.8% from 2023 to 2030. By 2030, the industry is expected to reach $30.18 billion.

Cargoson is an industry leader in TMS software, with its comprehensive solution being adopted by businesses around the world. “In this accelerating era of digital logistics, Transport Management Software for shippers is leading the charge, and Cargoson is proud to be part of this revolution,” says Tanel Vaarmann, the Co-founder of Cargoson.

One of the most notable ways that Cargoson is changing the transport and logistics industry is by enhancing operational efficiency. This TMS keeps all business logistics in one dashboard, making it easy to book transport, compare prices, transit times, and CO2 emissions, track shipments, optimize workflow, and provide real-time data to key people and departments.

Another key focus of Cargoson is sustainability. As concerns about environmental sustainability in this industry keep growing, Cargoson is helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint by providing pre-calculated CO2 emission estimations.

According to Tanel Vaarmann, Cargoson’s vision has always been to reshape freight logistics through innovation, transparency, and sustainability. “As we sail into 2023/2024, our TMS is positioned to empower businesses with real-time data, multi-carrier management, and CO2 calculations, providing them with the tools necessary to make informed, sustainable decisions.”

TMS will continue being instrumental in providing an efficient and cost-effective way to organize logistics processes, from freight rate management to tracking booked shipments and generating transport documents.  “This isn’t just a trend, it’s a transformational shift, and Cargoson is at the helm, setting new standards in transport management for the future,” says Tanel Vaarmann.

About Cargoson

Cargoson is a transport management system that provides manufacturing, retail or wholesale businesses with powerful digital optimization and cost savings tools. The cloud-based platform offers advanced multi-carrier management, API connections with carrier portals, rate & transit time management, tracking, automated notifications, and transparency, as well as CO2 emission calculations. 

Their intuitive user interface allows customers to manage their entire freight logistics management from a single place easily. With their innovative solutions, Cargoson facilitates global transport and supply chains with accuracy and efficiency.


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