Digital Planning Simplified: How Planista Is Changing The Way How The World Plans

June 05 21:00 2023

For decades, digital planners have struggled with a complex method of organization, settling for a system that, while technically functional, was frustrating and time-consuming. Every time they wanted to use a template, they would have to buy it on a website like Etsy, then upload it as a PDF to a note-taking app like Goodnotes. For those who enjoy staying organized and compartmentalizing their lives, it’s clear to see how costly this practice could become! Even stickers incurred an additional charge, taking much of the fun out of the planning process. While it wasn’t ideal, it was simply the way things were and, as such, became the status quo.

Enter Planista. Planista is the new iPadOS app seeking to simplify digital planning, revolutionizing how the world stays organized.

However, standing apart in a sea of digital planning templates isn’t easy, and Planista has big shoes to fill if it wants to earn its spot as the number one digital planning app. To do that, it would have to do something truly special, breaking through the mundane and offering features that would make the user’s life better. 

Did it do that? The consensus among users is an enthusiastic “yes!” Let’s take a closer look at why. This ground-breaking app eliminates the hassle of searching for templates on multiple sites by placing everything in one place, including hundreds of stickers! With a single tap, users can switch between over forty different organizational categories, including Goal Tracking, Sleep Tracking, Self-Care Suggestions, Business & Career Tips, and much more.

Planista promises to break free from the friction of digital planning, offering a simplified answer that saves time and money. Women can find everything they need in one place, a feature that has drawn critical acclaim. When asked what they liked most about Planista, these were the top responses.

Black-Owned, Woman-Owned

Planista is a proud Black-owned, woman-owned company, breaking barriers and focusing on solutions that work for the modern woman.

Stunning Templates

Organization shouldn’t be boring, which is why users appreciate Planista’s wide variety of stunning planning templates that are as beautiful as they are functional. 

Made For Planner-holics

Planista is made by a planner-holic for planner-holics, so users can trust they have access to templates that will work for them. Gone are the days of poorly designed templates that don’t meet the user’s needs; with Planista, every template is thoughtfully designed to make planning easy and fun.

An Exclusive Community

Users love that Planista is so much more than just digital planning templates. With the app, users can connect to others who are as enthusiastic about planning as they are, creating a community of like-minded women who can share ideas, hacks, tips, and more!

There’s no doubt that women everywhere are falling in love with Planista. As the community grows, it’s exciting to see how it will continue to shape the world of digital planning, opening doors to organization users never thought possible. 

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