The Wrong Token Publishes Article to Put News Logos on Their Crypto Website

June 05 14:56 2023

The Wrong Token on Binance Smart Chain continues to make waves in the meme crypto market. This token that launched on April Fools’ Day follows a sharp plan that exploits the shortcomings of recent cryptocurrency projects. Up until now, the wrong website has displayed “Not seen in: Digital Journal and MarketWatch.” This press release checks off “Pretend someone wrote a news article about us and add a link to it” on the wrong roadmap, which will close Phase 3 on its way to Phase 5’s “Moon Like Crazy”. It’s one of many items on the roadmap that satirize the things crypto projects do because developers and investors think it’ll actually do something to help the project. In reality, nobody is reading these press releases. 

The Wrong Token is a real project with real utility. It is also a biting parody of the decline of projects on Binance’s blockchain. Everything on the website is polished and thought out. The team is experienced. They display complete transparency with every move they make for all to see and verify. They are creative, driven, responsive, and available on their Telegram channel every day. The team touts a “No Carrot” approach to their achievements rather than “dangling a carrot” out in front of investors to keep them waiting in never-ending anticipation. These crypto developers fuel the project and announce each achievement after it’s released for all to see. It is for these reasons that the community (WTF – Wrong Token Family) is supportive and active with each other and friendly to new people joining their chat group on Telegram.

The Wrong Token has a total supply of 347,544,993 and “was calculated by just picking a random number because it really doesn’t matter.” The wrong website is a joy for seasoned crypto enthusiasts and newcomers alike. What appears to be a hilarious meme coin is actually very serious at its core. There are many layers and this onion peels away to a real project with real ideas. The wrong utility of passive income, dubbed “The Wrong One Club” allows holders to share what is in the Wrong Coin Purse. It’s a savings wallet that buys and accumulates blue chips (BTC, BNB, MATIC, LTC, and LINK) with a part of the wrong tax as well as a portion of BNB collected from The Wrong NFT sales.

There is a 6% tax on all transactions. With the current meme coin fad being zero, the 6% tax on BSC is still less expensive than ETH’s gas fees. The wrong chart looks as bullish as you’ve ever seen. The Wrong Token was stealth launched with $300. In the past 60 days since the launch, $WRONG’s market cap is positive 45,000% and shows no sign of slowing. The WTF has strength and unity, and dips in the chart often disappear in minutes.

Wrong is different. The wrong team is trying to build a business the right way and continues to look unstoppable. Some people have entered the wrong chat, looked at the wrong chart, and proclaimed that they’ve “missed it” or are “too late.” Unfortunately for them, they’ve all been wrong.

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