Dolna Showcases A Captivating Art Ensemble of Vibrant India at The Art Fair, Mumbai

May 29 21:32 2023
Dolna Showcases A Captivating Art Ensemble of Vibrant India at The Art Fair, Mumbai

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – May 29, 2023 – Dolna The Movement proudly presents at The Art Fair, a captivating art ensemble of talented visual artists from diverse backgrounds. This extraordinary showcase will immerse art enthusiasts in a realm of artistic expression, innovation, and imagination. From incredible paintings to thought-provoking sculptures, Booth 3,4 & 5 at The Art Fair promise to be a feast for the senses.

Curated by Artist, Founder & Curator Mithu Basu, this exhibition presents an opportunity for art aficionados to witness a plethora of different artistic styles, techniques, and concepts. With a careful selection of emerging and established artists, The Art Fair aims to ignite dialogue and inspire profound emotions among its visitors.

Spanning across 50 gallery spaces, dedicated to a diverse handpicked artists, The Art Fair aims to celebrate the power of visual art to communicate and connect. The exhibition encompasses a wide range of mediums, including but not limited to oil and acrylic paintings, mixed media installations, photography, sculptures, and digital art.

The featured artists of Dolna The Movement include:

Subodh Poddar: “Art is for self evolution. I can feel it in every cell of my body. I feel better when I see my art of today getting better than that of yesterday. Clay, the Earth and Ceramics is teaching me new life lessons everyday.”

Anukta Mukherjee Ghosh: “I believe Art transforms the mundane into the extraordinary. Inspired by India’s diverse cultures, I capture images on my canvas, recreating light, shadow, and form. I thrive on experimenting across genres and mediums.” Anukta’s works evoke a sense of curiosity, urging visitors to contemplate the relationship with their environment.

Mousumi Sircar: “I find it most gratifying to be able to describe the beauty of life, of people and their engagement with the environment through my paintings.I try to connect with myself and with my environment through my work. They are a source of expression and of fulfillment for me.”

Krishna Khanna: “My work reflects culture that is embedded in abstract and varied forms. It takes the form of rich hues and liberal brush strokes. I am inclined towards abstract art and calligraphy. Living art breathing art IS my way to LIVE.”

Vaishali Singh: “Painting is a place of meditative tranquility to me where thoughts cease and the play of colours start flooding my canvas and mind. Favouring realistic art I try to capture quintessential beauty of monuments and horses albeit with vibrant hues.”

Ishita Chowdhary: “Paper speaks a language of its own. My Art is driven by an inner dialogue and is an expression of my thoughts and emotions. It’s an opportunity to connect and have more meaningful conversations with others. I love to weave the pieces of paper together to bring them to life!”

Saptashree Chakraborty: “Art for me is a window to express myself, my feelings, thoughts, experiences. An introvert by nature, my paintings become my loudest voice. They can be meditative, stimulating or provocative, it reflects my mood at the moment. I would be lost without art, my confidant, my best companion.”

Mitu Basu: “Art is my treasured gift that engages me with myself. My provocations, observations, imagination, aesthetics find a visual voice. Through vibrancy and joie de vivre my art invites viewers to explore the depths of human emotions through bold strokes and captivating color palettes.”

The Art Fair is a platform for talented artists to showcase their unique visions and voices, allowing viewers to experience a tapestry of creativity and diversity. Visitors will have the opportunity to engage with the art through guided tours and artist talks, gaining deeper insights into their inspirations, techniques, and creative processes.

Dolna The Movement welcomes all art enthusiasts, collectors, and curious minds to join us for The Art Fair. Immerse yourself in the world of art and embark on a visual journey that transcends boundaries and celebrates the profound impact of creativity on our lives.

Exhibition Details:

The Art Fair
Dates: 1st June’23 to 4th June’23
Opening Reception: 1st June ’23, 5pm onwards
Gallery Hours: 11 am to 7 pm
Location: Nehru Centre, Mumbai
Admission: Free and open to the public

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Mitu Basu / Ms. Saptashree Chakraborty
[email protected]
+91 9820414732

About Dolna The Movement:

Dolna The Movement is a leading contemporary art gallery dedicated to promoting and showcasing exceptional artists from around the world. With a commitment to fostering creativity and providing a platform for artistic expression, the gallery strives to create meaningful experiences that inspire, engage, and challenge audiences.

Media information:

High-resolution images from the exhibition are available upon request. Interviews with the curator and featured artists can also be arranged.

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Contact Person: Ms. Mitu Basu
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Phone: +91 9820414732
City: Mumbai
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