The Smile Is the Fast-Track to Social Success

May 29 20:38 2023
Smiles are truly invaluable elements of human interaction and culture, but also powerful instruments we can leverage for achieving success, as Dubai dentist Lumi Visan, shares in this insight.


They say that the smile is a reflection of the soul. That may well be true, since a healthy and radiant smile is a factor that not only quadruples one’s chances of establishing rapport or making a favorable impression, as proven by numerous studies in the psychological domain. But as we browse through search engine query results, we often stumble on exuberantly lavish smiles that look either unrealistic, or outright insincere to be natural. There is a reason for that as well.

Truth or Fiction?

There are 17 muscles in the human face that make our smiles possible and sincere. Women most often struggle with the eye area, as it forms the most wrinkles that many try to combat. Ergo, a natural smile will inevitably entail some wrinkling, unlike one that has been altered through aesthetic surgery. Another important factor that allows one to single out a natural smile is the accompanying range of emotions that feel sincere and last for an appropriate span of time until they pass with a change in setup.

Surgically augmented smiles feel forced, they stretch the skin, and fade unnaturally quickly, evening out the curvature of the lips, and returning the face to a blank expression near instantly.

Professions and Smiles

Interaction with other people is the backbone of many professions ranging from sales and hospitality to managerial positions requiring lengthy negotiations. The need for natural expressions of human emotions accompanied by a radiant, healthy smile is therefore the norm. However, some consider such smiles insincere and forced.

Those who doubt the sincerity of the person greeting them can always identify a professional smile, as it is mandatory in the profession. However, instead of seeking out a grain of artificiality in such a smile, it would be advised to look at it more as an expression of respect and greeting to raise moods and establish positive rapport.

Smile While Talking

The human brain is a fascinating construct that reflects one’s emotions on their faces by reflex. A simple conversation over the phone is a good illustration thereof, as we often find ourselves smiling when talking to a loved one.

But the phenomenon can also be used to one’s advantage, for example when making phone sales. Having a smile on your face when talking automatically raises your mood, sets a positive tone for the conversation ahead and throughout it, and, most importantly – makes one’s voice sound more convincing and appealing.

The Word of Science

Studies in the domain of psychology show that smiling makes one seem more attractive and open to new relationships and communication, helping in business and personal life alike. Making a positive first impression with a smile at a business meeting may be vital in establishing rapport and endearing the interlocutor.

Smiles invoke a feeling of trust and make the person seem more attractive and intelligent. Those who smile often are perceived to be more optimistic and are capable of coping with challenges, like conflict resolution, easier.

Studies in business environments have shown that employees who smile generate an average of 15% more revenue for their companies. Business communication and etiquette dictate that apologies should be accompanied by smiles, as they promote indulgence.

Lastly, smiling makes the body secrete dopamine, thus improves the immune system, and generally prolongs lifespans.

Smile for Success

The smile is the simplest and most effective frontline default instrument people have in their arsenal when establishing contacts. This is of extreme importance in business matters to set up an instant connection and create an aura of positivity. As such, it would be fair to say that a healthy smile is the first and simplest step towards success.

SOURCE: Lumi Visan

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