Best Hair Transplant in Istanbul: Clinic Royale

May 29 20:08 2023
Best Hair Transplant in Istanbul: Clinic Royale
Clinic Royale Hair Transplant Center
Hair transplants have become some of the most popular cosmetic operations, restoring natural hair to men and women within a year. Although only one session is required, promoting hair regeneration takes time.

Most people travel to Turkey for hair transplants because the country has several world-renowned surgeons that offer high-quality treatments at reasonable prices. Their creative ideas and cutting-edge medical technology have aided the growth of medical tourism in Turkey.

Why should you choose Clinic Royale?

The experienced and courteous team at Clinic Royale will provide you with dedicated care before, during, and after the procedure, all at an affordable price. Hair transplant treatments in Turkey, according to Clinic Royale, are often less expensive than those in the United Kingdom or Western European countries.Furthermore, the number of surgeons working in the hair transplant sector has increased dramatically over the last two decades, increasing competition while decreasing costs. However, because your surgery will be performed by a hair transplantation professional, a cheaper cost does not imply a worse quality.

Are hair transplant costs lower in Turkey than in the US?

Hair transplant prices in Turkey are much lower than in the United States and many other industrialized countries.

Hair transplant clinics in Turkey charge patients between $2,200 and $8,600 (national average), with Clinic Royale’s prices ranging between $1,500 and $3,500. The cost primarily depends on the treatment type, hair transplant method, and the number of grafts.

Still, it’s a tiny fraction of the cost in the US — between $12,400 and $18,900. Healthcare (including cosmetic procedures) in the US is among the most expensive worldwide, so these prices shouldn’t be surprising.

However, you don’t have to get a hair transplant in the US when you can save thousands of dollars in Turkey, getting high quality at an affordable price.

What’s the catch? There isn’t any. Turkey’s weak economy, excessive deficit, debt, collapsing lira, and other factors influence its prices, including hair transplant costs — but not the quality.

All-inclusive hair transplant packages at Clinic Royale

Clinic Royale provides all-inclusive hair transplant packages, which are ideal for overseas patients. You won’t have to bother about arranging a hotel or taking public transportation to and from the clinic. If you’ve ever been to crowded Istanbul, you realize how much of a relief that is.The only cost of travel is a round-trip aircraft ticket. Here’s what’s included in the package:

● Online consultation with a thorough hair analysis and planning
● Accommodation at a nearby four- or five-star hotel
● Transfers from and to your chosen airport
● Transfers between the hotel and the clinic
● Pre-op blood work
● Hair transplant with the maximum number of grafts
● Mesotherapy
● Post-op meds, hair products, and protective headwear
● One-year online follow-ups
● Language interpretation services
● 30-year warranty

Clinic Royale is one of the few clinics that provides protective headwear as well as mesotherapy (both during and after surgery) to stimulate hair growth. It also offers needle-free anesthetic, which is not included in the package but is reasonably priced.

Cutting-edge treatments at Clinic Royale

Clinic Royale provides brow, beard, mustache, sideburn, and hair transplantation services, as well as female and Afro hair transplants. Its surgeons utilize Sapphire FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), manual FUE, or DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) depending on the procedure.Sapphire FUE is the more advanced of the two FUE techniques, whereas DHI is even more advanced. This is how both function.

Sapphire FUE method

Sapphire FUE includes making tiny incisions in the donor area with a motorized sapphire-blade surgical tool to extract follicular units. After placing them in a liquid preservation solution, the surgeon opens micro-canals in the recipient area and inserts the harvested grafts.

The procedure lasts 6–8 hours, ensures speedy recovery, and leaves no scars.

DHI method

DHI is the most advanced of all hair transplantation techniques. It requires multiple Choi pens — pen-like surgical instruments for harvesting follicular units. These single-use Choi implanters have a hollow needle, allowing the surgeon to extract and implant hair grafts simultaneously.

This hair transplant method doesn’t involve incisions, making it ideal for beard transplants. It takes about eight hours and is more expensive than other techniques but ensures less scalp trauma and faster healing and recovery.

Can you expect natural-looking results?

You can expect natural-looking results at Clinic Royale. Whether you choose DHI or one of the FUE techniques, you’ll get a high-quality hair transplant.

Check their patients’ before and after photos to see how they can return your hair to its former glory. You’ll know what to expect with different techniques and when you’ll see noticeable hair growth. Regardless of the method, it will take approximately a year to notice the final result.


Choosing a hair transplant clinic shouldn’t be a hasty decision. Research is your best friend, helping you learn about top-rated clinics, including their surgeons, physicians, treatments, service quality, results, prices, and other deciding factors.

Clinic Royale is one of the greatest in Istanbul, Turkey, and worldwide – but don’t just take our word for it. To make an informed decision, sift through the reviews, look at the clinic’s patient images, and contact the facility for a free consultation.

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