Historic Book Launch of The Book of Influence – Authentic Communication featuring Erik “Mr. Awesome” Swanson and with 33+ Professional Co-Authors

May 18 10:11 2023
Historic Book Launch of The Book of Influence - Authentic Communication featuring Erik "Mr. Awesome" Swanson and with 33+ Professional Co-Authors
The Book of Influence – Authentic Communication featuring Erik “Mr. Awesome” Swanson and celebrity co-authors Brian Tracy, Jill Lublin, Alec Stern, and Rudy Ruettiger and 33+ professional co-authors launches.

Erik “Mr. Awesome” Swanson, Multi #1 International Bestselling Author and Award-Winning Speaker, has launched The Book of Influence – Authentic Communication, the first volume in a four-part book series based on the work of Dale Carnegie. The book launch is a never-done-before historic event that brings together 33+ professionals globally, personal development celebrities, experts, mentors, and authors to share modern-day examples, stories, and applications of Dale Carnegie’s work through true influence.

The Book of Influence – Authentic Communication dives deep into fundamental techniques in connecting with people through modern core values. It shares principles and strategies for connecting with others in an authentic way, and it features celebrity co-authors from the personal development industry, including International Bestselling Author Brian Tracy, Publicity Expert Jill Lublin, America’s Startup Expert Alec Stern, and former Notre Dame Football Player Rudy Ruettiger. Each of these celebrities wrote a chapter on the principles of authentic communication, while Rudy Ruettiger from the acclaimed movie from the 90’s, “Rudy,” writes the foreword. Each have shared testimonials about why readers should pick up this book.

Erik “Mr. Awesome” Swanson, a Multi-Time #1 International Bestselling Author and Award-Winning Speaker, who has been featured on Ted Talks and Amazon Prime TV, says, “What an honor to join such leaders from around the world in sharing our secrets, techniques, and principles of success in building relationships based on like and trust. Dale Carnegie has had either a direct or indirect influence on everyone throughout the world. Allow these four books, in this soon-to-be a future classic series, to change your life and your relationships forever.”

Brian Tracy, a world-renowned author and speaker, says, “This book is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their communication skills and build lasting relationships. The strategies and principles shared in this book are timeless and powerful.” Tracy adds in his testimonial for the book, “Classics are here for a reason. This is exactly the case when it comes to the books and trainings by Dale Carnegie. What an honor to join Erik Swanson and so many other leaders in a modern-day book series bringing the principles into today’s era.”

Jill Lublin, an international speaker, publicity expert, and bestselling author, adds, “If you want the best information from the top influencers from around the world – look to International #1 Bestseller Erik Swanson and the team of influencing authors. I am honored to be among those collaborating to give the most important steps in how to influence in today’s world. This book series must be in your library and among your top reads! It’s important for today’s world of connectivity and trust to be filled with rich information you can implement right now for your success!”

Alec Stern, a startup advisor and keynote speaker, says, “What a classic book Dale Carnegie wrote in 1936. How to Win Friends and Influence People has changed so many lives in business and in personal relationships throughout the world. It definitely changed my life. Grab this book series and hold on tight, as it will take you from so-so to hero in your relationships if you put the techniques into practice.”

Rudy Ruettiger, a motivational speaker and former Notre Dame football player, and the real life “Rudy” from the famous movie in the 90s, wrote the foreword for the book including his standards for communication and authenticity by building character.

In addition to the celebrity co-authors, The Book of Influence – Authentic Communication features contributions from 33+ professional co-authors, including Adrienne Velazquez, Alexander Ball, Amy Mingin, Angela Harden-Mack, Angèle Lamothe, Bonnie Lierse, Charlotte DeLon, Che Brown, Cynthia Gallardo, Daniel Kilburn, Daphene Booker-Harris & Todd Harris, Dawnese Openshaw, Dee Manuel Cloud, Diana Smith, Eileen Galbraith, Elizabeth Anne Walker, Erin Ley, Fatima Hurd, Fred Moskowitz, Genesis Gomez, Ian Stermer, Jessa Carter, Joanna James, Jon Kovach Jr., Justin Morris, Lauren Cobb, Maleah Bliss, Maris Segal & Ken Ashby, Michelle Crites, Michelle Mras, Morgan Taylor Rudnick, Nadia Francois, Nancy Debra Barrows, Dr. Onika Shirley, Rachel Diamond, Robyn Scott, Ryan Fritzsche, Sally Wurr, Sarah Lee, Steph Shinabery, Susan Carpio, Teashia French, Teresa Cundiff, Thomas Malagisi, Tyler Erickson, William Good, and William Blake.

The Book of Influence – Authentic Communication is now available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and at major book retailers worldwide.

For more information please visit: www.TheBookofInfluence.com

About Erik Swanson:

Erik Swanson is a Multi-Time #1 Bestselling Author. He speaks to an average of more than one million people per year and is honored to have to speak to the business and entrepreneurial school of Harvard University. Nicknamed “Mr. Awesome,” by notable legends Brian Tracy and Les Brown, Swanson joined the Ted Talk family and Amazon Prime TV with his keynote speech “A Dose of Awesome.” Mr. Swanson is the CEO and Founder of Habitude Warrior International, Habitude Warrior Masterminds, and Global Speakers Masterminds. His motto is clear… “NDSO!”: No Drama – Serve Others!

About Habitude Warrior:

Habitude Warrior is a collective group and community of World-Class speakers, authors, mentors, and coaches who gather in conferences, masterminds, summits, live events, and virtual events around the globe. Habitude Warrior hosts unique events conceived by 10-Time #1 Bestselling Author and International Speaker Erik Swanson, which blends personal development and professional growth to enhance both the skillset and mindset of attendees, preparing them to excel in their chosen fields. Habitude Warrior overachieves this standard of excellence by honoring and working with world-class speakers, authors, and thought leaders who bring inspiration, motivation, and cutting-edge ideas, along with opportunities to network with other success-minded professionals.

Find out more about Habitude Warrior Masterminds at RideAlongGuestPass.com

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