Rockin’ the Scene with Original, Trippy, and Vibey Music – Hillbilly Hippies Unveil New EP “I’ll Stand By You”

April 20 13:09 2023
Rockin’ the Scene with Original, Trippy, and Vibey Music - Hillbilly Hippies Unveil New EP "I’ll Stand By You"
Delivering hip, groovy, and smokin’ real vibes, Hillbilly Hippies depict their unparalleled musical style in new EP

Having released on January 21, 2023, Hillbilly Hippies’ exciting and riveting new EP is one for the times. Titled “I’ll Stand By You,” the new EP is now available on all major music streaming platforms and has already amassed a staggering number of streams on Spotify.

Offering a unique and original spin on classic Rock styles, the Hillbilly Hippies have cemented their position as a talented three-piece LA-based group, comprised of the spellbinding force of Michael O’Brien, Jackie O’Brien, and Christy Calabro.

Emanating joyful and contagiously ebullient rhythms, the Hillbilly Hippies stand out in their distinctive production style and an inescapably smooth flow. Having been recorded at Mix City Music LA with up to 80 guitar tracks per record, the eclectic group has been on an unstoppable wave! Christy Calabro’s lead guitar work rivals the best in rock, having been the alum of numerous famous rock acts.

The artists only recently graced the stage at the premiere of the film ‘No Name and Dynamite’. Jackie O’Brien, the band’s mercurial and electric artist, also had a role in the film. Jackie is an actor who has appeared in numerous film and television roles.

Similarly, Michael O’Brien, apart from showcasing his distinctive vocal style in the band, is also the creator and owner of World Famous Sunset Strip hot spot, ‘Toi on Sunset’ in Hollywood, where listeners can catch live performances by Hillbilly Hippies monthly.

“I’ll Stand by You” presents a stirring and bold new offering, which should be checked out by fans of the group’s previous work, as well as anyone interested in contemporary roots music.

Stream, download, and listen to Hillbilly Hippies’ stunning new EP, “I’ll Stand By You” on all major music streaming platforms. Follow the artists on Instagram and Facebook to explore their musical journey and reach out through email for reviews and other inquiries!


Based in Hollywood, California, Hillbilly Hippies is a three-piece group consisting of Michael and Jackie O’Brien, as well as Christy Calabro. Prior to Hillbilly Hippies, Michael and Jackie O’Brien were part of the band Jackie O, which gained a record deal with WEA France due to Jackie’s ability to write songs in French. The fantastic duo then went on to form Mystic Posse and gained airplay on over 1000 stations in more than 100 countries around the world.

Similarly, lead guitarist Christy Calabro has toured extensively with various acts and appeared on recordings for major labels including RCA, MCA, and Warner Brothers Records, as well as indie labels. From 1998 to 2004, he also served as the guitarist for Bret Michaels, appearing on five of his albums, including two Poison albums.

Hillbilly Hippies’ recently released EP “I’ll Stand By You,” produced by Christy Calabro, features Michael O’Brien’s excellent vocal tracks and percussion, along with Christy’s great  guitar work, coupled with Jackie on rhythm guitar and background vocals. The EP was recorded at Mix City Music LA and showcases the group’s unique blend of hillbilly, country, and rock influences.






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