Andrea Chilcote Bravely Addresses the Needs of The Contemporary Leader in Her Latest Book

April 18 16:13 2023
The author has carved a niche for herself as one unafraid of asking the pressing and emerging questions in the current world for a more fulfilling work experience

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the paradigm of the workplace. With major events that fundamentally altered the trajectory of life, leaders and followers in the workplace have discovered avenues for adaptation to ensure the longevity of their businesses and organizations.

It is widely known that the performance of businesses, organizations, and corporations is highly dependent on the effectiveness of their leaders, as they are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that all members of the workforce are encouraged, mobilized, and adequately empowered in the face of challenges. But who encourages and empowers the leader? It is on the premise of this daunting question that veteran leadership development and executive coach, Andrea Chilcote, launches her latest book, aptly titled, “What Leaders Need Now”.

The founder of Morningstar Ventures and author, Andrea Chilcote, has poured her immense knowledge and experience in the coaching and consulting fields into her recently released book, a relevant guide for modern-day leaders. In What Leaders Need Now, compassion, courage, and humility are the key values the author believes leaders must embody to weather the storms of the 21st century workplace. She also emphasizes essential leadership practices such as development, reflection, and acknowledgement to optimize the leader’s performance.

SVP and General Manager of Cox Media, Paul Curran, had this to say about What Leaders Need Now, “From her decades of working with the most successful leaders in business, Andrea not only makes a compelling case for compassion, courage, and humility in the modern-day leader but also exposes the folly of relying on antiquated leadership behaviors destined to fail in this new paradigm.”

Drawing from her three decades-worth of experience, diverse thought leaders’ perspectives, and interesting research from notable works, Chilcote’s book is rich with truths that are practical, relatable, and engage the leader using examples that are relevant in their current work lives. The author acknowledges radical workplace changes post-pandemic, and the struggles leaders face in connecting with their employees and colleagues in a meaningful and impactful way. In her words, “I have learned more about what leaders truly need to demonstrate over the past 3 years than in my previous 30. When faced with adversity, leaders have three choices: avoid it, endure, it or transform it.” The book is available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

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About Andrea Chilcote

Andrea Chilcote is the founder and CEO of Morningstar Ventures. Besides her thriving career as a leadership expert and coach, she has had three years of immersion work into the effects of a global pandemic on organizational culture and employee well-being. She lives in Cambria, California, with her husband and Siberian huskies.

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