Transformation LLC’s Launches “Modernizing Product Development Processes: Guide for Engineers”

April 14 19:32 2023
“Modernizing Product Development Processes: Guide for Engineers” is written by Jon M. Quigley and Amol Gulve, through SAE International.

Value Transformation LLC (professional training, mentorship, consultancy, and coaching provider) proudly launched their book ” Modernizing Product Development Processes: Guide for Engineers” written by the Founder of the company, Mr. Jon M Quigley, along with industry leader, Amol Gulve, through SAE International (front-runner in connecting and educating engineers while promoting, developing and advancing aerospace, commercial vehicle, and automotive engineering).

Amol Gulve is an inspiring leader and award-winning engineer, who is recognized for his excellence in the field of the automotive and commercial heavy-duty truck industry.

An eminent engineer with eighteen years of product development experience launching innovative and industry first solutions to the market. Adept at project management, agile methodology, systems engineering, and manufacturing processes. Amol has authored several technical papers focused on improving vehicle safety, reliability and reducing CO2 emissions.

Jon M. Quigley PMP (204278) CTFL is a principal and founding member of Value Transformation, a product development (from idea to product retirement) and cost improvement organization established in 2009. A highly qualified person with over thirty years of product development and manufacturing experience, ranging from embedded hardware and software to verification, process and project management, and managing systems and verification groups at a multinational organization. Jon is the Volvo-3P Technical Award winner, securing seven US and several international patents. 

‘Modernizing Product Development Processes: Guide for Engineers’; Written by experts in product development, this book explores the concept of value transformation and its importance in developing successful products. 

The book covers critical strategies for creating value, design for value, value engineering, and value analysis. It also includes case studies and real-world examples illustrating how these techniques can be applied. “Modernizing Product Development Processes: Guide for Engineers” is an essential resource for engineers, designers, and product development professionals who want to stay ahead of the curve. All sections in this book are written in a clear and accessible style, making it easier to understand, even for those without a background in engineering. Amol Gulve emphasizes in the book that by challenging the traditional product development processes and pushing the boundaries, one can develop products faster for the market with the highest quality. 

Value Transformation LLC founder, Jon M Quigley, shares his vast experience in the book to harness creativity, which is critical to the success of product development processes. Focusing on value transformation and practical tips, “Modernizing Product Development Processes: Guide for Engineers” is an invaluable resource for anyone developing new products.  

Why is reading this book important today? Because of the changing technology and the rapidly changing mood of the world, we need to understand with time to be included in many things. Get your copy today and start transforming your approach to product development!

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About the Company

Jon M. Quigley founded Value Transformation LLC. They have extensive knowledge and experience in product development. This experience is primarily focused on software, specifically embedded products, and the manufacturing of those products. Some of the companies for which the founders have worked can be found listed on their website.  Value Transformation has access to additional and similar talent to meet clients’ needs. For consulting activities, Value Transformation LLC personnel are on call or come to your site for periods to ask questions, gain insight, generate ideas, and execute to help clients. The company’s members have expertise in various industries and disciplines with extensive experience in new product development and manufacturing. Members have generated intellectual property, both domestic and international. The company is a collaborative organization adding value to a client’s existing talent to achieve their organization’s goals. Value Transformation LLC provides several training options, including On-site, Off-site, through website, conference calls, video calls, CD/DVD and follow-on question sessions. Value Transformation LLC has conducted webinars as well to facilitate clients.

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