Introducing HerDryer, a new and Innovative Device that Dries Wigs and Hair Extensions in Under One Hour

January 04 14:13 2023
The newly launched device will prove handy for women, hairdressers, and salons who need to get wigs and extensions dry as soon as possible, eliminating the use of slow, conventional methods

Hair extensions and wigs have grown in popularity over the years because of their many benefits. Women of all ages benefit from wearing a wig or hair extension, as they give the appearance of having more hair than one actually has while concealing thinning or balding areas on the head. While they are very beneficial, one of the many downsides of using wigs or hair extensions is the time to get it dry and ready to use. Wig and hair extension users have a hard time drying these products and the methods being used currently are slow and time-consuming.

HerDryer was produced to help women dry their wigs and hair extensions in a timely manner. The recently launched device is a patent-pending portable, versatile, and one-of-a-kind product born from years of masterminding with highly qualified experts. With HerDryer, hair extension users can wash their wigs and extensions, clip them, and dry them in record time. Rather than wait hours to dry these hair essentials using ceiling fans, cloth dryers, floor fans, and many other drying techniques, HerDryer gets hair extensions and wigs dry and ready for use in one hour.

“HerDryer was originally designed with all the one-of-a-kind hair fanatics in mind,” explained Alesia Prentiss, CEO of HerDryer. “The ones who have to schedule an entire morning or even an entire day to make sure you’re rocking the style that screams you. Say goodbye to the hassle of wash day and get used to finally having time to make bold moves. Wherever life takes you, this time-saving tool is designed to follow. On wash day just wash it, clip it, and dry it.”

Ladies who work 9-5 jobs and have to take care of their homes or those who are too busy to take care of their wigs and hair extensions will find HerDryer very useful. Alesia believes that being busy should not prevent women from maintaining their hair glow. HerDryer provides a groundbreaking solution that simplifies a user’s hair routine to create a stunning style. It is a one-of-kind patent-pending product every woman should have.

Committed to helping women with their hair extension issues, Alesia shares tips and hacks on the blog section of the HerDryer website. Women will find helpful ideas on caring for their hair extensions in the blog. To get HerDryer and read Alesia’s blog, please visit

About HerDryer

HerDryer is a hands-free solution for women. It is a portable, versatile, and one-of-a-kind product born from years of masterminding with highly qualified experts. Led by Alesia Prentiss, the team behind HerDryer wanted to provide women with a solution to help them stay stylish despite their busy schedules. Alesia is motivated by a vision to give people innovative, luxury products that save time and streamline beauty rituals so women can get back to pursuing life-changing dreams. She was a Miss Nevada USA and also won Miss Congeniality USA. Alesia was also a top 12 finalist for The Revlon Unforgettable Woman contest in the ’90s.

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