The Trademark Registration Lawyers at Holmes Business Law P.C. Help Clients Navigate the Complexity of Registering Trademarks

December 09 15:51 2022
Holmes Business Law P.C. is helping small business owners navigate the process of registering trademarks and copyrights. With a holistic approach and a thorough questionnaire, the firm ensures its client’s intellectual property has protection from piracy and other types of infringement.

Starting a new business can be stressful. There are many steps, from creating the logo and images to the slogan and the products offered. All of those consist of intellectual property. The best protection for these intellectual assets is to register them. With its years of experience, Trademark Registration Lawyer – Holmes Business Law P.C. provides assistance in the Philadelphia area for businesses to register their trademarks efficiently. Whether a photographer, an Amazon seller, or an Etsy seller, coming up with an idea and implementing it takes a lot of time and effort. With piracy rampant across the internet, protecting intellectual assets is vital.

Small business owners are at times unsure whether a copyright or a trademark would benefit their business more, and many do not know the difference between the two. It is essential to understand the need for copyrights and trademarks as a small business owner, as getting the highest level of protection available is sometimes necessary. This may require the property to be registered before a product launch or within a specific time frame after the launch. There are DIY trademark services and inexpensive trademark registration services available.

Unfortunately, these DIY services do not offer the assistance of a lawyer with the competence and knowledge of copyright and trademark law—an area of the law that is complex. The brand name, logo, and other intellectual properties have an intrinsic value to a business. Holmes Business Law P.C. can advise small business owners on all aspects of registering their creations. The attorneys at the firm will take the time to explain the process and ensure the client understands and is comfortable with the decisions made.

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Whether the need to draft a contract for a deal, establish boundaries for a partnership or register a copyright or trademark, Holmes Business Law P.C. is there every step of the way, ensuring that their client’s business is protected and ready for growth. With a registered mark, it is critical to police it. If any party uses a person’s intellectual property that has been registered, it is essential to send out a cease and desist letter. Holmes Business Law P.C. offers subscriptions to monitor trademarks and copyrights, and should the need for litigation arise, a referral for counsel is on standby. With a holistic approach, strategic advice, and legal guidance in an approachable way, Holmes Business Law P.C. is determined to get the best for its clients. Holmes Business Law P.C. asks detailed questions about its client’s business strategies, marketing strategies, and what their client wants from their business. With this approach, Holmes Business Law P.C. has been successful in helping its clients save more while adding to their bottom line. 

Holmes Business Law P.C. is noted for its work with intellectual property issues and for providing clients with valued business and corporate legal assistance. The founder of Holmes Business Law P.C., Sarah Holmes, was selected for Super Lawyers for 2020 – 2022—an exclusive list of top-rated attorneys. These attorneys practice in specific areas and are chosen after an evaluation based on a comprehensive set of criteria. 

About the Firm: 

Holmes Business Law P.C. was founded to provide meaningful assistance to entrepreneurs. It was the inspiration Sarah Holmes needed to start her law practice, what is today the Holmes Business Law P.C. Sarah Homes also started her own business. She used her experience of running her company and the experiences of other business owners she met to fuel her drive to become a business lawyer that was down to earth, approachable, and experienced in running a business.

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