VicTory 4 Kidz, President Regina Beard Hosts Masquerade Benefit to empower the Youth

December 09 15:03 2022

Regina Beard is a powerhouse entrepreneur, international speaker, author, community leader and advocate laser focused on closing the gaps for the next generation.

With a heart filled of gold and a clear mission, Regina- President of VicTory 4 Kidz, hosted a successful gala to raise money for the youth.

The Victory Experience 2022 gala was the defining introduction to Regina Beard’s newest successful venture, VicTory 4 Kidz! With a goal for the night to raise $20,000 that would provide scholarships to children who desire to enter the field of healthcare and other specialties, the “VicTory Experience” surpassed attendees’ expectations from the moment they entered into the venue!  Visitors were greeted with warm welcomes, seating escorts, a live band and DJ. 

Respected community speakers and healthcare leadership spoke of the need for increased exposure about the opportunities in healthcare and other fields, plus additional resources to clear barriers to education and future employment.  And most impactful of all, everyone heard first-hand about the impact VicTory 4 Kidz made upon two VicTory summer camp attendees.  The experience ended with donations, dancing, photos, and lots of fun and laughter!

VicTory 4 Kidz bridges the gaps in exposure to opportunities that under-represented communities face daily!

President Regina Beard’s vision teaches our future generations to dream bigger, and to act upon their dreams.

VicTory 4 Kidz mission is to unlock the potential of the youth and create pathways to success through career exploration.  

More on Regina Beard Regina Beard is an entrepreneur, nurse, mother, and friend. Recognizing that there are strong dipartites in healthcare and healthcare training Regina and her children co-founded VicTory Training in 2015. Since that time VicTory Training has grown to three locations in Northwest Indiana. In 2020, VicTory at Home was established to ensure that the aging population was able to receive quality care without having to leave their home. In 2021, VicTory Staffing was created to address healthcare shortages caused by Covid. In an effort to create our future generation of nursing and healthcare leaders VicTory 4 Kidz was established in 2022.

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