Shulman & Hill Personal Injury Attorney in Brooklyn Obtains Fair Compensation for Clients Through Negotiation and Litigation

December 09 14:03 2022
Shulman & Hill represents personal injury victims in New York. It works hard to obtain the maximum possible settlement for clients whose health and work are at stake. The law firm’s practice areas include personal injury, workers’ compensation, and civil rights. It offers a free initial consultation.

According to announcements released by Shulman & Hill, the law firm gives clients the respect they deserve and delivers results that matter. The Shulman & Hill personal injury attorney in Brooklyn represents clients injured or disabled in accidents. Personal injury accidents include automobile accidents, accidents on someone’s property, slips and falls, and medical malpractice. 

Such individuals invariably face burgeoning medical bills and may require extended medical care. A knowledgeable and driven personal injury attorney knows how insurance adjusters try their best to get a claimant to settle the claim for a low amount. This personal injury attorney Brooklyn knows how to prove liability by gathering relevant evidence that plays a crucial role during the negotiation and, if required, litigation.

Individuals injured in accidents involving multiple parties are likelier to be compensated fairly by hiring a personal injury attorney. Such scenarios include construction site accidents, truck accidents, multi-vehicle accidents, and medical malpractice. Proving guilt in such cases is complicated, and insurers are known to drag matters to sap a claimant’s will to fight for fair compensation. Shulman & Hill is dogged in seeking appropriate compensation for medical costs, loss of income, work, companionship, and other expenses.

Working with Shulman & Hill is beneficial for injury victims because they gain access to the extensive legal knowledge that this law firm possesses. It helps them prevent mistakes that can be highly detrimental to their chances of getting compensated fairly and quickly.

Corresponding and negotiating with insurers requires information about the rules and regulations governing claim settlements and the tactics insurers deploy to avoid settling a claim quickly and fairly. Shulman & Hill saves its clients time and money by handling these steps. It also allows the injured party to recover peacefully.

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Shulman & Hill said, “Personal injury lawyers are civil litigators that focus on making victims whole by holding the potentially responsible party financially liable. Personal injury attorneys in Brooklyn will guide you through the legal process, investigate all aspects of your case to build a strong case, negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf, fight for a fair settlement, and litigate your case in a trial if a settlement cannot be reached. After settling with the at-fault party, both parties and their lawyers must execute a final release and settlement agreement. The release waives your right to pursue compensation for this injury in the future. 

Next, your Brooklyn injury law firm will settle any outstanding liens with medical providers before the settlement check is sent out. The opposing insurance company will send the settlement check to your personal injury law firm in Brooklyn. From there, the lawyer will subtract their legal fees from your settlement. 

You will then receive your settlement check, which is the full settlement minus any medical liens, attorneys’ fees, court costs, and loans. Many personal injury law firms in Brooklyn advertise by insisting their attorneys are qualified to handle your case and offer aggressive representation. Yet, not all firms can legitimately deliver on such promises.

At Shulman & Hill, our lawyers have numerous past successes that make them uniquely qualified to help you after an injury.”

About the Firm:

Shulman & Hill specializes in personal injury law and worker’s compensation. It provides personalized attention to each case and strives to deliver maximized results for clients. The law firm represents injury victims from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Long Island offices.

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