Author’s new book “Unlawful Games” receives a warm literary welcome

December 06 04:43 2022
Author's new book "Unlawful Games" receives a warm literary welcome

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Fiction – Thriller – Legal book “Unlawful Games” by Adam Klein, currently available at

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“Reviewed By Keith Mbuya for Readers’ Favorite

Barely a day after being acquitted, David Flores made headlines after killing his wife and child. The reputable defense attorney for a New York law firm, Salvatore Amici, was having a hard time with the fact that he had helped acquit a murderer – David Flores. To his horror, Salvatore is asked by his seniors to represent Sean Lancaster, a city tycoon and philanthropist, in yet another murder case. Apparently, the tycoon had specifically asked for Salvatore to be his attorney. Sean Lancaster was being charged with the first-degree murder of his wife and three children, and two counts of sexual assault. Hesitantly taking the case, Salvatore finds himself treading a dangerous path that puts his job, reputation, marriage, and life on the line. Why does Lancaster specifically ask for Salvatore as his attorney? Get yourself Adam Klein’s Unlawful Games to know more.

If you are looking for a mystery thriller legal novel laced with a gripping tale of nasty love affairs, family drama, betrayal, money, bribes, blackmail, prison life, courtroom drama, dirty secrets, and so much more, Adam Klein’s Unlawful Games is a must-read for you. Klein breathes life into the scenes with vivid depictions. The narration has a subtle tone to it. Klein forges an intriguing plot, with mind-blowing plot twists. I loved how tremendously dramatic the scenes were; this made the reading experience fun. Klein had me going through a rollercoaster of emotions in depicting the well-developed characters’ emotions. This allowed me to connect with the characters and understand them. Albeit egotistical, Salvatore is an emotionally sensitive, intelligent guy with a big heart and it broke my heart to see others taking advantage of that. Unlawful Games is a magnificent piece of work and I loved it. I have just added it to my favorites shelf. I am looking forward to reading more of Adam Klein’s work.”

You can learn more about Adam Klein and “Unlawful Games” at where you can read reviews and the author’s biography, as well as connect with the author directly or through their website and social media pages.

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