Water-Revolution Debuts Specialized Alkaline Water Systems for Refrigerators, RVs, and Readiness

December 06 03:16 2022
Affordable alkaline water machine perfect to bottle your own healthy water at home

Launched by Kirk and Cathy Phinney in 2010, Water-Revolution introduced the first U.S.-based, non-electric technology drinking water systems. The pH water created by this equipment behaves like and is more characteristic of energized water, water that you would find naturally occurring in fresh fast moving mountain streams or deep organic springs. Water-Revolution believes that this is the water that we are intended to drink, and that this water has protective and wellness attributes that simply cannot be found in commercial bottled water or typical house water.

It is well known that the body is over 70% water by weight or mass. What’s not so commonly understood is that because the water molecule is so tiny in size, the body is actually over 99% water when measured by molecular count.

The internal water that makes up our blood, organs and cells is more accurately called Biowater. This Biowater is very different in structure from the Bulkwater that we typically drink. The chief difference lies in what we call the molecular arrangement or the “structure” of the water.

Naturally arranged and structured water is more loosely bound, more organized and what the experts at Water-Revolution like to call IN-FORMATION. This structured water is also much softer water, in the sense that it shows lower Dyne readings and is easier for the body to take it up. This allows the body to use the water without the need for intense artificial transformative activity. The body expends less energy to use this structured water.

Structured water also has increased ability to carry frequency information which is often referred to as “the memory of water”.

Water-Revolution’s product line has expanded over the last decade to include devices specifically for refrigerators (think alkaline ice cubes), RVs, and emergency use, in addition to the best-selling AlkaPurity H-D. These unique and proprietary home water solutions are available at an affordable cost, making them the ideal solution for conscientious wellness-minded families.

About Water Revolution

Water-Revolution is a product developer and manufacturer, and as such can offer individual solutions based on specific needs. Serving residential and commercial clients, the family-run business is passionate about producing affordable healthy water solutions for families and businesses throughout various regions in the USA as well as globally.

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