The most reliable real estate appraisal in Zurich

December 02 14:29 2022

The valuation of your property is the key to a successful sale. However, it requires more than just knowing the current market value. Our proven experts know the regional subtleties and how they affect the price of your property. 

We take the time for an intensive inspection and consideration of all factors that influence the value of your property in order to be able to make an accurate and reliable valuation.

1. The importance of property valuation 

2. Factors affecting the value of a property 

3. The role of location and environment 

4. Structural criteria in property valuation 

5. Choosing the right appraiser

An online real estate appraisal is the first step if you want to sell your house or apartment. The value of a property depends on many factors. An important factor is the location of the property. The location is crucial for the price you pay for a property. In Switzerland, the location of a house or apartment usually determines the price. In Zurich, for example, the location is decisive for the price of a property. 

The location of a property is not only decisive for the price, but also for the attractiveness of a property. The attractiveness of a property is in turn decisive for the sales value of a property. The attractiveness of a property is particularly important in Zurich, as the demand for real estate in the city is very high. Another important factor affecting the value of a property is the age of the property. The older a property is, the lower its value is usually. This is because older buildings tend to be less attractive and in need of more repairs. In Zurich, however, the age of a property is less important as the demand for real estate in the city is very high. In summary, the location, attractiveness and age of a property affect the value of a property. In summary, a real estate appraisal in Zurich is a quick and easy way to determine the current value of your property. By using the online platform, you can get an accurate valuation of your property in minutes.

At Zurich Real Estate Valuation, we have the best brokers for you. Non-binding and free of charge. On average, our brokers achieve 15% higher sales prices in their region. This way you are guaranteed to get the most out of your property.

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