AOBPRO brings the highest APY on USDT for its users

December 02 13:26 2022
AOBPRO’s newly crypto-asset management platform has the potential to offer 20% APY, which is the highest APY in the market.

AOBPRO is a revolutionary crypto-asset platform that provides access to the ever-expanding world of digital currency. It is an emerging company providing an easier way for everyone to enter the world of Crypto. From beginners taking their first steps in digital currency trading and investing to experienced traders looking for new opportunities, anyone can now easily access a world full of possibilities within cryptocurrency markets with AOBPRO. With the opportunity to get USDT daily without any grinding, everyone now has a chance to explore the realm of cryptocurrency without losing their time or funds.

The need for a platform like AOBPRO.

Crypto assets have become increasingly popular around the world, offering investors not only fast and cheap transactions but also opportunities for active and passive income. From decentralized finance to non-fungible tokens, there is no shortage of complex digital asset investment strategies gaining traction – however, many are looking to centralized platforms as a way to earn since they provide an easy entry point into this space.

But investors don’t need complex Defi or NFT strategies to capitalize on digital assets – CeFi platforms offer reliable benefits by simply holding onto crypto investments. Yet even these platform offerings could fall short of matching desired expectations.

With AOBPRO, cryptocurrency holders can get an impressive 20% APY and maximize their returns by leveraging their quality service.

Introducing AOBPRO.

AO Bridge Inc. (AOBPRO) is founded in Hong Kong, with its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. The company is registered as a Money Service Business (MSB) under FINTRAC (Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada). They have been in the industry since 2020, specializing in Crypto OTC Trading and running an algorithmic market-neutral trading strategy.

With the launch of the self-developed crypto-management platform, AOBPRO aims to provide easy and simple access to the crypto market for everyone and allow them to do more than just trade. They offer a simple and easy-to-use platform to buy, save and invest crypto all in one place.

What makes AOBPRO unique?

AOBPRO enables its users to make the most out of their crypto holdings. Their platform invests assets with minimized risk trading and yields higher profits than traditional methods – up to 20% APY.

They use multiple strategies such as arbitrage trading that capitalizes on price differences between exchanges, spread trading that focuses on volatile crypto futures contracts, and a market-neutral approach for steadier returns from future exchange prices. Users can make sure their crypto runs at its peak performance with AOBPRO.

To get started with AOBPRO, visit:

Competitive advantages.

AOBPRO has several significant advantages over its competitors:

– AOBPRO is offering 20% APY on stablecoins such as USDT, which is the highest APY in the market

– The company offers a very easy-to-earn and high referral reward where the inviter can earn up to $50, and the invitee can earn up to $100

– AOBPRO is a regulated entity under FINTRAC.

– AOBPRO does not and will never collateralize users’ assets.

Referral program like no other.

On top of offering the highest yield on the market, AOBPRO proudly offers a world-class referral program that is unique in itself. Users can now share their referral code and make up to $50 USDT and make 10% in additional benefits. The invited friend will also be rewarded with up to $100 USDT.

To learn more about the Referral program, visit:

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