The Virtuous Entrepreneur, Laron Louis – “Making a Difference in the Lives of Youth Through Digital Media & Digital Tech”

September 23 17:40 2022
The Virtuous Entrepreneur, Laron Louis - "Making a Difference in the Lives of Youth Through Digital Media & Digital Tech"

It’s true – it’s the passion and mindset behind the business that enables Laron Louis and his fellow entrepreneurs to persist and persevere. Today, Laron Louis uses his creative artistry for many different business endeavors. Including long-term partnership with BeardedFilmz Co with over 25 different visual production projects. The videography company thrives on one mission If you can think it, You can do it!

Laron Louis is very familiar with this concept, as he has started and created partnerships and collaborations with many businesses and companies. His main focus is art and technology. No Boundaries Academy has a Founder & CEO with one purpose “Make to create through innovation.”

Laron Louis is an entrepreneur for the pure love of art and technology. It’s not about money for The CEO – “Don’t do an idea or start and business because it can make money. Rather, do it because you will enjoy it as well. That’s the passion you will always need during the hard times,” he says. Laron started his business when he was broke and now business is booming. He goes on to state “… Hard times do come. But, it’s choice not chance that determines destiny.” 

His most recent collaboration with OptiView 360 Entertainment; which specializes in Digital Marketing & Entertainment. Optiview 360 -pictured above- hosts events and exhibits and is located on the outskirts of Orlando/Longwood Florida. Laron Louis has designed everything from album covers, cinematography, and screenplays, and so much more through his art ventures. “No Boundaries Academy is not only disciplined in the art of ‘production design’ but ‘life design’ as well,” Louis says. Starting from just a simple after school program the CEO’s biggest hope is to see No Boundaries Academy become a franchise both for profit and to continue non-profit work. All in all, he continues to strive to not only make an impact but an influence for the next generation in the community. “Our interest is in the future because that’s where the company is going to go” states the CEO.

No Boundaries Academy is based out of Orlando, Florida and it serves youth through education, philanthropy and stewardship. They’ve partnered with people and businesses for several projects over the years – the first being in 2019. With the help of Orlando Jr. Magic, a junior NBA partner, All Stars Are Bright No Boundaries Academy provided sports, mentoring, and tutoring for athletes. Specifically, No Boundaries Academy provides education in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. As the CEO puts it “Youth have to know there are possibilities beyond their realities.”

The focus is not only Athletes. Other projects at No Boundaries Academy included helping youth learn how to build robots, learn algebraic elements that make coding less intimidating, learn programming, and create video games. STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) serves as a therapeutic/recreational medium for Autistic Youth and motivated teens he mentors and serves. Laron Louis’ partner and Childhood Best Friend of Beauty Management Solutions (a business that serves budding entrepreneurs) helped him realize a company is a living culture and a reflection of the community with the same. “Motivated people, motivate people. Leadership starts with the heart not the mind. You can love people without leading them, but you cant lead people with out loving them.” 

It was the culture and community of Orlando that inspired and shaped Laron Louis, “The community of Orlando is a vibrant metropolis with riches in arts and community. It has molded me into the individual which I am today,” Louis says. 

The value of education, for youth especially, is priceless. It was through an internship that Laron Louis grew and developed into the skilled person he is today. He had scored an internship with a digital media company, Future Media Concepts, where he learned so much of what he has applied to his career. As an entrepreneur, he knew what he was learning was what he could bring back to his community in an impactful way. “I’m only different or unique because I’m one of the ones who thought of an idea and wasn’t scared of starting even though I failed a number of times – I just kept going,” Laron Louis says.

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