Author Dr. Hal Bradley’s New Series Book, “The Fox,” Reveals Rare Insights into Addiction, Crime, Struggles, Grief, Recovery, and Courage

September 22 03:30 2022

Washington, United States – Author Dr. Bradley’s latest series book “Code Name: the Fox,” reveals a unique inside into the life of a former smuggler, distributor, US Army veteran, DOJ Contractor for 17 years, multiple near-death survivor, who is currently serving as a Pastor to the homeless and addicted community.

The book is written from the first person point of view and shows the lifestyle of a man who, in earlier years of life, was a high-level kingpin for the cartels in Mexico. He was exposed to crime, addiction, struggles, grief, and imprisoned on two occasions, but later found a path to redemption…and now ultimately serving humanity. Hope and optimism are prevalent, but it does not ignore the harsh reality of tragic outcomes. He’s one of many people who lived and survived.

”My adventure novels are fictional but created using decades of my life of fifteen years as a cartel smuggler/distributor and my 17 years contracting for the DOJ,” Dr. Bradley.

The stories in the books differ, and the author is optimistic that if a reader can connect with just one of them and motivates them to take action, and as a result, a life is saved or a family is healed, then the mission is accomplished.

“These stories are based on things I have survived or things others survived. They do a perfect job of showcasing how what I have passed through can happen to anyone and shines a light on a growing problem within our world,” he adds.

“The Fox” is now available in eBook version at Amazon. According to the author, several more in the series will be released in the future.

About Dr. Hal Bradley

Dr. Hal Bradley is a Chaplain and a former private investigator. He has 19 years of experience as a counselor in trap houses and homeless camps and has authored five published books, three of which are action/adventure novels.

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