China Skyline Telecom Co. Ltd. Unveils Its Catalogue Of Messaging and Voice Services Under its flagship brand, Buka

September 21 16:32 2022
China Skyline Telecom Co. Ltd. Unveils Its Catalogue Of Messaging and Voice Services Under its flagship brand, Buka
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China – China Skyline Telecom Co. Ltd., today in China, announced its extensive offering of different SMS and voice services for various business functions.

The spokesperson of China Skyline Telecom Co. Ltd. stated, “Small communication technology errors can result in missed revenue opportunities, operational interruptions, and other negative repercussions when organizations conduct business internationally. In the worst-case scenario, adopting a platform prone to failure requires users to rely on consumer-grade messaging solutions, thereby raising the enterprise’s risk exposure.”

He further added, “Customers may protect the integrity of communications between workers, customers, and other stakeholders by installing a Buka SMS service system designed for the rigors of the global marketplace.”

Buka currently offers the following services for all its’s enterprise customers:

Global SMS: Buka claims to cover more than two hundred nations and areas with rich direct operator resources and extremely high arrival and conversion rates.

Verification SMS: SMS verification is also known by other names. SMS authentication, SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA), or SMS OTP are some of the common terms.

Marketing SMS: Buka helps businesses track the sales journey of consumers, deliver the newest events, order care updates, and other relevant information at the appropriate moment, therefore enhancing the shopping experience and the order conversion rate with the SM marketing platform.

Notification SMS: Buka asserts that businesses are able to offer services and messages at the appropriate moment to keep the firm connected with clients and boost customer engagement.

Global Voice: With global voice services, businesses may reach customers via a privacy number, enabling two-way communication while protecting user privacy. It is utilized for outbound calls such as medical consultations, telephone follow-ups, after-sales assistance, and customer service call centers.

Call Center: Buka offers globally dispersed cloud deployment, versatile voice application rental, and speedy contact center setup. Every time businesses interact with consumers, they may enhance the brand image and customer satisfaction with a steady and distinct voice.

Group Calls: Provide bespoke communication technology, platform-stable support for 100,000 lines concurrently, and a significant reduction in the cost of standard business outbound calls in order to provide inexpensive marketing tools.

About China Skyline Telecom Company Ltd.

In 2007, China Skyline Telecom Co., Ltd. was established. It is a multinational corporation that focuses on offering cloud-based worldwide communication services. Our products and services reach over 200 countries and regions, including Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South Asia, and North Africa, among others.

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