Learn the Importance of People Skills With Michael Savoie’s New Book

September 21 15:09 2022

The author believes success is found by being a true leader to employees

Wherever one goes, having the ability to interact with people is a fundamental skill one must carry in their belt. The Power of Leadership with Michael Savoie (now on Amazon) is the story of “pasta to people,” of how our author went from managing a restaurant to taking care of the elderly. Jam-packed with years of wisdom and experience, the author explains why respecting those with whom one works is a skill and a duty.

Michael Savoie has been a successful business owner since 1987. He graduated from Sacred Heart University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He is a senior advocate, entrepreneur, and innovator who embraces new technologies. His number one priority is to make a lasting impact and impression in improving the quality of life for seniors. Michael Savoie is known for two things: dedication and work ethic. He is a leader without office hours.

As a leader, Savoie stresses the importance of leaders connecting with employees: “I cannot emphasize enough how critical it is to schedule a one-on-one with your team. This must be done for so many reasons in every small business. Our employees do not only work for us; they have lives.”

From his experience in the food and elder-care industries, Savoie teaches three important principles for work success: patience, wisdom, and common sense. According to Savoie, these three will help anyone come out on top in whatever business venture they choose.

“When entering an unknown place, no one knows for sure if they have it in themselves to succeed. I certainly didn’t know. We must devote every ounce of our being, every ounce of our fiber, to try our best and come out on top,” says Savoie.

The Power of Leadership with Michael Savoie is a must-read, especially for those looking to transition from one business to another and develop people skills that will scale their business.

Liz Englander, an educational consultant, shares her positive experience of working with Savoie: “I was most fortunate to meet and become friends with Michael. My husband passed away suddenly in May 2021. I serve as an educational consultant and have blood cancer and reached out to see if I could locate someone to transport me to some of my assignments. I met Mike, and we shared many wonderful conversations together. Mike’s professionalism, enthusiasm, and concern for people are most evident. Mike is always looking to achieve many innovations and accomplishments. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with him is most fortunate. I wish him many years of success, good health, and the ability to be an advocate for home care and working with the elderly.”

Julia O’Sullivan, executive director at Benchmark Senior Living, explains Savoie’s genuine character: “In all my years of business, education, and healthcare work, I have never met a man of more heart and compassion for those in need, with innovative ideas on how to help than the owner of Executive Home Care—Michael Savoie. His loyalty to professional colleagues, customers, friends, and family is unparalleled. He is always there for those in his orbit—a powerful and passionate support in both good times and bad and immune to the disease of cultivating others for his own sake first. He is the most genuine of men, with no artifice and ulterior motive but to help. He is thus successful in ways that both transcend the material and ground it. He considers himself a beginner for all his talents and is open to the gift of others’ ideas. You could do no better than to work with Mike. Consider yourself blessed if you do.”

The Power of Leadership with Michael Savoie is now available on Amazon.

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