Alexis Coates Reveals The Secrets To Choosing The Right Friends In Circle Of Friends

September 20 15:56 2022
Business consultant and author, Alexis Coates, announces the release of “Circle of Friends,” a simple, concise guide on how to build a strong, rewarding network of allies

Alexis Coates has made a name for himself for dishing out quality, highly effective tips to help business owners and entrepreneurs across industries to build their brands. However, the business consultant and entrepreneur recently took it a notch higher with the release of his third book titled Circle of FriendsThe book provides readers with tips on how to establish long-lasting, rewarding friendships in school, at work, and even online.

I’ve found that people can make friends in various ways as adults. People you meet at work, friends of friends who have been introduced to you at some event, people you attend workshops where you meet like-minded people, getting involved in hobbies, or volunteering for charity work instead of complaining conceitedly about not having friends because someone out there needs your help and who knows what friendships might form.” – Alexis Coates.

The importance of healthy relationships cannot be overemphasized, with some people growing from just being friends to becoming business partners with strong ties. However, the process of building such relationships can be sometimes tasking, especially when it comes to intimate friends. Consequently, Alexis Coates is looking to help as many people as possible make the best of their “inner circle” as he reveals eye-opening tips in his new book, Circle of Friends.

CIRCLE OF FRIENDS: The Ultimate Secret To Choosing The Right Friend Circle looks at the different aspects of establishing a formidable network of friends while getting rid of possible negativities. The book looks at the importance of circles, identifying negative circles, friends in circle of friends, second-tier friends, family circles, and sports friends’ circles.

The friendship guide which is soon to be an Amazon best seller is currently available on Amazon in different formats for readers across the globe.

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