The Athletic Clubs, Founded During Covid, Continue To Thrive With 400 Members

September 19 11:13 2022
With locations in Greenwich Village and West Village, the Athletic Clubs use “squads” to help members develop a consistent workout routine.

During Covid, with restrictions on travel and gatherings, working out in groups or at gyms became difficult. Most in-person exercise classes were canceled, leaving only virtual options. Many rely on inspiration and accountability from friends and workout partners to keep their motivation up, and with Covid, this wasn’t possible. 

This was how the Athletic Clubs were created. A group of Australian friends formed the first squad, working outside together to keep each other motivated and working hard. The small group quickly grew to 100 members, organized into squads of 5-20. Forming these squads made it far more efficient to follow Covid guidelines and keep their members safe. 

Member-driven workout styles

It didn’t take the Athletic Clubs long to grow large enough for not only one location but two. Even with the growth in members and Covid restrictions lifting, they realized that there was something about their squads that elevated their members’ workouts. The squads weren’t just beneficial for physical health either. The Athletic Clubs found their members’ mental health improved with the tight-knit groups.

With Covid restrictions lifted, the Athletic Clubs kept their squads going. Members can choose their squad based on their workout preferences for training, times, and coaching. Each squad meets twice a week to work out together. They’ll have a dedicated coach and the same workout time each week. 

Members also have the ability to join a wide variety of classes at one of the two Athletic Clubs locations, either in Greenwich Village or West Village. 

Options for everyone

The Athletic Clubs offer more than just their squad training. They have gym locations that any members can use, drop-in classes, social events, and even personal training. No matter a member’s preferences, they can be sure to find something they’ll like that will work for their needs.

With strength training, yoga classes, HIIT, and more, the Athletic Clubs are taking the traditional gym to the next level. 


Covid changed a lot for many industries. Everyday activities had to evolve to keep up with regulations to ensure everyone’s safety. Many people found ways to adapt to keep up with their goals.

The Athletic Clubs did just that and, in doing so, found a new way to master their fitness goals. Their development of the squads changed the way they worked out and revolutionized fitness for their now 400 members.

The squads keep members accountable to each other and their fitness goals while helping them maintain a healthy body and mind. This combination is a recipe for success both inside and outside the gym.

With multiple programs and classes to choose from and numerous squads to join, the Athletic Clubs are guaranteed to help meet any fitness and health goals.

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