Offers Users a Simple, Automated Email Marketing Platform

September 19 10:27 2022
With, users can effectively communicate with customers through email easily. A simple interface and automated functions make a comprehensive solution for eCommerce email marketing. founders created the company to provide an easy, modern platform allowing users to build an effective email marketing strategy with dedicated support at every level. Various features and functionality make the ideal platform for business owners who want automated email marketing and digital communication. 

“As we are not a large corporation, we have a very personal approach and can dedicate ourselves to what is most important—building custom platforms that our customers enjoy using, and that help them expand their business,” Ecomail founders said. “We are one of the best tools for sending newsletters, eCommerce email marketing, and omnichannel communication.”

Attractive, professional newsletters

Newsletters allow businesses to share information about new products and services, keeping customers engaged with the brand. Ecomail features more than 150 premade templates that users can customize to fit their needs before using the application to send them to their email list. Templates are available immediately, and with a 14-day free trial, anyone can experience how easy and fast Ecomail makes professional newsletters.

“Clothes make the man, and a great template makes the email,” representatives said. “Our editor and templates mean you will no longer need a graphic designer or knowledge of HTML. You can easily design your newsletter yourself or start from one of our ready-made templates.”

Powerful features, all in one place offers users powerful features for email marketing, letting them access everything necessary for a successful campaign all in one place. The company’s email marketing automation feature saves time and generates income. Using the segmentation feature, users can categorize contacts by interest, characteristics, purchasing behavior, and email campaign activity. Track the performance of marketing campaigns with Ecomail statistics, which easily link with Google Analytics. 

“Email marketing has a huge advantage that makes your life easier,” founders said. “You can set up automated email sequences that you don’t have to touch ever again, and it will make you money on autopilot!”

Online shop owners can easily integrate their eCommerce marketing efforts with Shopify using a plugin and Ecwid with an app on the Ecwid App Market. Ecomail also offers features like personalization, contact collection, A/B testing, and more. Numerous features combined with dedicated customer service set Ecomail apart from competitors. 

The modern email marketing platform provides a modern platform for email marketing and communication, making it easy to maintain and grow a customer base.

“Effectively communicate with customers using multiple channels at once. With us, you can do this simply and automatically, yet with individual care,” founders said.

Users can try Ecomail for free with a 14-day unlimited trial anyone can use. The free trial gives full access to the company’s functionality, letting potential customers see the Ecomail results firsthand before they commit to the internet’s easiest email marketing service. 

The experts share their recommendations representatives said every business should use these five email automation sequences. 

–  Welcome and thank new subscribers
Automating a simple “thank you for subscribing” email establishes a relationship with contacts from the start. 

–  First purchase discount
Motivate visitors and potential new customers by offering a discount on the first purchase with an automated email, including a discount code after subscribing.

–  Best wishes on birthdays and namedays
Surprise customers with best wishes on their birthdays and namedays. An automated email with a wish card—and perhaps a discount code—helps increase customer loyalty. 

–  Abandoned shopping cart 
Ecommerce shoppers abandon their virtual carts without completing the purchase for many reasons. Automate an email reminder after a set period.

–  Reward 30 days after purchase
Turn one-time customers into loyal, repeat customers by motivating them to buy again. 

Conclusion helps users avoid some of the most common email marketing mistakes while automating processes. Growth becomes simple with modern tools like Ecomail at users’ fingertips. To learn more about the company, visit the website or reach out on social media on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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