Syrian Influencer Lama Alassil Creates Content for Arab Community Living Abroad

September 19 09:01 2022
Influencer Lama Alassil turned her love of media into a career with her successful social media accounts, where the Syrian native maintains an online presence with hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and Facebook and an emerging audience on YouTube.

Syrian influencer and social media personality Lama Alassil created a community for Arabs living abroad across multiple platforms. With more than a million followers in total, she uses her exposure to relate to and entertain others. 

“They say to do what you love and love what you do, so I did,” Alassil said. “I love creating videos to entertain people. 

The mother of two lives with her husband and sons in New Jersey. Alassil was born and raised in Syria and said she’s grateful for the opportunity to live in the United States, where she can bridge the gap between the two worlds. Her unique experiences led her to create Lama FM, a radio show for the Arab community living abroad. 

Trusted collaborations

Lama Alassil uses her platform to collaborate with brands and help them receive more exposure. From one-off campaigns to long-term partnerships, Alassil said she loves working with brands that matter to her and will never promote something she doesn’t believe in to her followers. 

“I know it’s important for a brand to stand out in such a saturated market; that’s why I try to be unique,” Alassil said. 

Building a viral career

Alassil started her influencer journey when her Snapchat videos began going viral, and she realized the potential to turn that exposure into a career.  She’s already amassed more than 500,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram and hopes to see the same success with her YouTube channel. 

“Instagram has been a great platform to continue creating content for me, and I love the community I’ve built with my followers,” Alassil said. “I know how important YouTube is, and that’s why I started the channel. The goal is to grow it as strong as I’ve grown my Instagram page.”


Lama Alassil will continue her career as a Syrian influencer with her social media platforms. To learn more about her efforts, visit the website or reach out on social media.

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