Introduction Of Tempered Glass, Insulating Glass And Laminated Glass

September 17 14:36 2022

Introduction of tempered glass, insulating glass and laminated glass

1. Tempered glass

Tempered glass is actually a kind of prestressed glass. In order to improve the strength of glass, chemical or physical methods are usually used to form compressive stress on the surface of glass. When the glass bears external forces, it first offsets the surface stress, thus improving the bearing capacity and enhancing the wind pressure resistance, weather resistance and impact resistance of the glass itself.

2. Insulating glass

The insulating glass was invented by Americans in 1865. It is to seal two or more glass edges together, form static dry gas between the glasses, and have certain vacuum performance. It uses high-strength and high air tightness composite adhesive to bond the glass sheet with the aluminum alloy frame containing the desiccant. Most of them are produced by large factories. There will be no stain, water, and condensation in the middle, It has good heat and sound insulation performance.

3. Laminated glass

Laminated glass is made of two or more pieces of float glass sandwiched with PVB (polyvinylbutyraldehyde) adhesive film, pressed by hot press and discharged as much as possible, and then put into autoclave to dissolve a small amount of residual air into the adhesive film under high temperature and pressure. Now, there is a new type of furnace, which can process outdoor special EVA film and complete the gluing process through high-temperature vacuum pumping in the furnace. People can choose a suitable way according to their own budget, site and output requirements. Compared with other glass, laminated glass has the properties of shock resistance, anti-theft, bullet proof and explosion-proof. After the laminated glass is broken, it is rarely scattered due to the adhesive adhesion, and the safety is extremely high.

The strength of ordinary laminated glass is not high, which is basically the same as that of single-piece ordinary glass. The laminated glass composed of tempered glass has both strength and safety performance. It is commonly used in indoor partitions, fence boards, stage floors and large-area curtain walls.

At present, Fangding’s laminating furnace is widely welcomed for its small footprint, low investment, high quality and high yield.

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