Sirius Financial Consulting Restructuring Taiwan Branch

August 16 02:48 2022

Sirius Financial Consulting have today announced that they will be relocating a number of staff members from their Taiwan Office due to ongoing tensions in the region.

The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi recently visited the Taiwanese State and caused tensions in the region to quickly escalate.

Gavin Dolley, Executive Vice President of Sirius Financial Consulting said, “We are taking a safety first option in regards to all of our staff.”

He continued, “The only members of staff that will be left in the country will be essential members of the local team, everyone else will be relocating to one of a number of offices we have in South and East Asia.”

This may be something we start to see more of as worries mount and hostilities in the area continue to get worse. As of now, everyone in the country is on high alert and hope that the conflict eases off sooner rather than later.

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