New Casual Luxury Brand AKI THE LABEL Launches its Core Collection

August 12 12:04 2022
The Core Collection is streetwear at its heart, with a touch of Ralph Lauren cool.

AKI THE LABEL, a new casual luxury streetwear brand, is entering the market with a unique collection aimed at showcasing the charm of America’s vibrant cities and towns. The Core Collection explores the urban and street scene deeply ingrained in the country’s culture and adds innovative, iconic twists that differentiate it from mass-market streetwear. The collection crisscrosses into deepest alleys and across boulevards to bring imaginative pieces of everyday urban apparel designed to fit into any scene and meet as many needs as possible.

“AKI THE LABEL produces streetwear pieces that you can live in, from the beach to the athletic fields to the chicest restaurants – the brand’s versatility shines through,” says company founder Akira Robinson.

Luxurious, bold, and durable with timeless designs – the brand doesn’t shy away from exploration, underlining AKI THE LABEL’s neoteric spirit. Collection pieces, from hoodies to sweatshirts, T-shirts, and caps, are carefully manufactured to ensure comfort and style. They sport vivid colors, cool logos, and premium aesthetics woven with global trends and the sophistication of brands like Ralph Lauren.

Beyond being a streetwear brand, AKI THE LABEL also markets itself as the world’s first traveling brand. It moves past superficial offerings to collaborate with the people who are at the heart of each city and town’s street scene.

The brand will work with local models to show the artistic inspiration behind the collection’s authentic street vibe and represent them through creative photography and videography. AKI THE LABEL will release logos and limited collections founded on different urban subcultures with an alternative contemporary edge. It will also make a lasting impact by sponsoring philanthropic initiatives to give back to the community.

According to Robinson, “AKI THE LABEL will highlight the best of cities and regions, utilize their unique talents and attributes, contribute philanthropically in return, and re-introduce these places to the world while looking good doing it.”

AKI THE LABEL believes in fostering genuine human connections and using fashion as an avenue to showcase the cultural influences across each of America’s streetwear. This belief is represented by the brand’s logo – intersecting calligraphy with open ends meant to symbolize how humans are more similar than they are different. These similarities can bring people together, and fashion can tie the knot closer. AKI THE LABEL’s luxury streetwear will allow people to showcase their unique style and be seen.

Check out AKI THE LABEL’s selection of curated streetwear here: Follow their journey on Instagram @aki_thelabel.

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