“Earth Summit Mission” Premiers on the CGTN Documentary Channel

August 05 13:07 2022

The 60-minute 4K documentary “Earth Summit Mission” premiers on the CGTN Documentary Channel at 19:00 Beijing Time, August 5, 2022.  

Helicopters unable to land as the altitude is too high… Heavy equipment that has to be transported manually… Fierce winds in the night that blow down tents… These and other hardships – unimaginable to most people – are nothing unusual for an ice-core drilling team operating on the highest mountain on Earth.   

A series of world firsts, achieved as a result of four years of preparation. A record number of experts conduct a range of research projects in the most extreme of environments… A “Jimu-1” aerostat sets a world record by flying above the top of Mt. Qomolangma – an achievement that is the fruit of years of hard work.

Wherever there’s a mystery, scientists will investigate. In April and May 2022, sixteen research teams made up of 270 scientists set a series of world records: sending up an observation aerostat to an altitude of over 9,000 meters; collecting ice and snow samples from the highest point on Earth; setting up the world’s highest weather station; and obtaining extreme high-altitude ice-core samples.

A team from CGTN Documentary, working with the Second Tibetan Plateau Scientific Expedition and Research Team, the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research and the CMG Tibet Station, have produced a 60-minute 4K feature documentary, “Earth Summit Mission”. It records the 2022 expedition to Mt. Qomolangma, comprising more than 270 scientists led by Academicians Yao Tandong, Zhu Tong and Piao Shilong.

Working at extreme altitude brings many difficulties; harsh and changeable weather conditions; seemingly unsurmountable glaciers; thin oxygen; and merciless winds and snow. The documentary focuses on two scientists, Gao Jing and Xu Baiqing, highlighting the many trials, both physical and psychological, they endure in completing the most challenging scientific research expedition of their careers. What are the emotions and convictions that drive them to achieve their goals?

This documentary, narrated entirely through dialogue, presents the behind-the-scenes story of an historic mission. Specially-trained alpine cameramen provide a unique first-person perspective on reaching the highest point on Earth, and drones operating at heights never before achieved in Chinese television history offer breath-taking extreme aerial photography and a series of beautiful and majestic shots that generate a remarkable immersive experience.

You are invited to travel to Mt. Qomolangma to join the world-record-setting scientists and discover the passion and resolve that drive them on in pursuit of their dreams.

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