Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air Provides Services For Electrical Outlets Not Working

July 29 15:06 2022
Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air Provides Services For Electrical Outlets Not Working

Outlets may be small, but they play a crucial role in meeting every family’s electrical needs. When one or more outlets have stopped working, it can make accomplishing basic daily tasks unnecessarily difficult. The good news for Glendora homeowners is that Accurate Electric is here to help.

Faulty Outlets Are More Than an Inconvenience

Some homeowners avoid calling electricians for seemingly minor issues like faulty electrical outlets because they assume it’s just an inconvenience. Residents can simply plug into a different receptacle if they need to charge phones or power small appliances. Unfortunately, that doesn’t address the underlying issues that caused the outlet to fail.

Faulty outlets with loose screws or wiring can create dangerous situations. When wires come loose, the electricity becomes unstable, which can lead to electrical shocks. In some cases, the damaged outlet could even increase the home’s fire risk. Instead of waiting, they should have called an electrical repair service as soon as the outlet stopped working to avoid creating unnecessary hazards. 

Common Types of Outlet Damage

Most outlets are relatively simple. They feature a cover plate, two receptacles and two receptacle slots to plug-in cords, terminal screws to hold it in place, a grounding screw, a mounting strap to keep the receptacles flush with the face plate, and non-metallic wires. Unfortunately, despite the simplicity of electrical outlets, there’s still a lot that can go wrong.

Exposed Receptacle Faces

If the plastic around the outlet’s receptacle faces cracks or chips away, it can eventually expose the metal contact points usually hidden inside the outlet. Cracked receptacle faces can also expose users to loose terminals and wires. These issues create unnecessary fire and shock risks.

Damaged Cover Plates

Cover plates are designed to hide all of the key parts of an electrical outlet and protect users from accidentally touching the bare ends of the circuit wires or the terminal screws. Missing or damaged cover plates don’t just present a serious safety hazard, especially for families with small children, but also destabilize the receptacles, leading to loose wires and premature wear.

Damaged Backplate

Users can’t see the backplates of outlets, so they almost never think of them until something goes wrong. When that happens, the wiring and contacts of an outlet can become exposed and cause short circuits. If the backplate or body is metal, it might even trip the circuit breaker. Anyone touching the outlet at that time will almost certainly be burned, shocked, or both.

Loose Receptacle Slots

Receptacle slots can sustain damage as a result of cracks in the receptacle face or simple wear and tear. Either way, they won’t be able to securely hold the prongs of electrical cords in place, which can leave the prongs slipping out. Because these metal prongs are energized, they can create a shock risk, but that’s not the only problem. The loose prongs are more prone to arcing and overheating, which creates a fire hazard.

Homeowners Love Accurate Electric

Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air has been proudly providing a range of commercial and residential electrical services for years. Their licensed electricians are committed to providing red-carpet service at affordable prices and every repair is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Homeowners can schedule an appointment online or call today at 1-800-947-1747 to learn more.

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