US Visa for Irish and Icelandic Citizens

July 05 13:34 2022


US Visa from Ireland

A US visa is one of the most challenging visas to get. Even the online visa form takes more than 90 minutes. Ireland comes under the US visa program, so getting a US visa for Irish citizens becomes easy. Irish citizens can apply for a US visa through online mode.

A US visa for Irish citizens is not optional but a mandatory requirement to enter the USA. An online visa is only valid for short-term visits like tourism or business. If you’re planning to stay more than 90 days, you’ll have to apply for a relevant US visa for Irish citizens according to your visit.

 US Visa from Iceland

A US visa and a valid Iceland passport are required to enter the USA. A US visa for Iceland citizens is not an option but a mandatory requirement for Icelandic citizens. Icelandic citizens can apply for a US visa through online mode, but it is only for short-term visits. If you’re looking for a more extended validity period, you can apply for a regular visa.

US visas for Iceland citizens can only be used for tourism and business purposes. If you want to study, work or live in the USA, then go for other relevant US visa options.

Eligibility Criteria For US Visa

  1. Only citizens under the visa waiver program are eligible for US online visa.
  2. Foreign visitors who have visited hostile countries like North Korea, Iran, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, or Yemen after March 1, 2011, will have to go through the regular visa appointment process.
  3. If travelling with a group, you should have the correct passport for your family or group members, including children.
  4. You must not have any criminal record in your country or the USA if you have travelled to the US before. 
  5. Only ordinary passport holders are allowed to obtain an online US visa.

Things to Remember Before Applying for US Visa from Ireland or Iceland

  1. Your passport should have a validity of at least six months, and it should be an e-passport.
  2. If you have an emergency or temporary passport, it must be an e-passport with a microchip installed.
  3. Even if you are transiting through the USA, it is mandatory for you to have a US transit visa.
  4. Read and follow all the covid protocols set for foreign visitors.
  5. You don’t need to print and carry the visa confirmation as it is stored electronically in the US system against your passport.
  6. In case you change your gender, name, address, or any other information on your passport, then your visa will become invalid. And you will have to apply for another visa.

Requirements For the USA visa for US visa for Icelandic and Irish citizens

  1. A covid vaccine certificate, and if you didn’t take covid vaccines yet, then you must have the latest covid-negative certificate.
  2. A valid passport with a validity of at least six months.
  3. You will need a working email id because you’ll get the visa approval confirmation on your email.
  4. A working debit/credit card with enough balance to pay the visa processing fee.

How to Apply For a US Visa For Irish and Icelandic citizens?

  1. Go to the official website of the US government.
  2. Now, click on the Create New Application.
  3. Read all the terms carefully and click next.
  4. Now, fill out the form correctly. (Any mistake can lead to rejection of your application.)
  5. Pay the visa processing.
  6. Finally, wait for the confirmation email, and once confirmed, you can travel to the USA.

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