Pisces Wellness Offers Dermoelectroporation (D.E.P) Needleless PDRN Treatment

July 05 13:32 2022
Pisces Wellness Offers Dermoelectroporation (D.E.P) Needleless PDRN Treatment
Pisces Wellness is Set to Offer Dermoelectroporation (D.E.P) Needleless Treatment for Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Healing, and Anti-Ageing

Pisces Wellness, a prestigious wellness center in Singapore announced today that it offers dermoelectroporation (D.E.P) needleless PDRN procedure, an aesthetic treatment performed by licensed professional therapists who are highly trained and have unparalleled knowledge and experience to cater to all skin needs and concerns. The treatment is touted to effectively reverse signs of skin aging and gives desirable results such as improved skin texture, firmness, and elasticity. With subsequent treatments, the skin will show greater radiance, glow and youthful natural-looking plumpness; glass looking skin.

Pisces Wellness affirms that it is deeply passionate about beauty enhancement and skincare, and its sole mission is to cater to all skin and body needs and provide the best possible treatment for beauty and wellness. To provide professional-grade products with premium state of art technologies to treat all skin issues with its result-oriented treatments to combat stress and promote total rejuvenation of the mind and body.

The D.E.P needleless PDRN treatment offered at Pisces Wellness is affirmed to be the best treatment for people who are scared of needle treatments and is the only device approved by the FDA as the best alternative to injections. Pisces Wellness asserts that the treatment is introduced into the skin using an FDA-approved technology that allows the active ingredients to penetrate deep within the dermis layers of the skin for smoother, firmer & younger-looking skin.

Dermoelectroporation (D.E.P) employs the use of controlled electrical pulses to penetrate the superficial layers of the skin and expands the pores seventeen times their size without the need for any invasive needles. This FDA-approved technology is clinically proven to improve micro and macro molecule absorption up to seventeen times more than traditional topical applications.

Compared to traditional hand injection methods, the needleless PDRN method is painless and the skin barrier is left intact with no bumps or irritations, leading to zero downtime and little to no risk of infection, burnings, or inflammation. In addition, the D.E.P treatment is said to be safe and comfortable and gives instant results. It is also said to reduce the risk of trauma from injections.

Pisces Wellness adds that the benefits of the D.E.P needleless treatment are innumerable. The treatment is applauded for aiding skin rejuvenation, evening out skin tone, improving skin elasticity, and repairing acne-prone skin. It is also acclaimed to help in diminishing wrinkles and fine lines and helps fight free radicals.

Aesthetic treatments involving multiple injections have been reported to be one of the most painful procedures, while the needleless version causes no pain or discomfort. Notwithstanding the reduced efficiency of 15-20%, D.E.P needleless PDRN treatment is still the better option for significantly visible results.

For more inquiries or to make an appointment kindly visit – www.pisceswellness.com.sg

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