Hatomugi Labo Kicks Off Marketing Campaign For Newly Launched Tea Products

March 03 20:45 2022

A Japanese-based company, Hatomugi Labo, has kicked off a marketing campaign to publicize its newly launched products. 

The company is now targeting customers in the United States of America for products locally manufactured in Japan using original materials. 

In their recent launch, the company released four new products adding to its line of health products. 

Top in the list of products is the Japanese Hatomugicha, pearl barley (Hatomugi) tea bags that come in a sachet containing 30 pieces of teabags. 

It is made from pearl barley (Hatomugi) produced in Tochigi prefecture, one of Japan’s largest producers and highest quality.

By sprouting pearl barley (Hatomugi) using an original process, the free amino acids, which are the umami components that affect the taste, are increased 5 to 10 times, while the bitter components are reduced to 5 to 10 times making it even more delicious and easier to drink.

The Hatomugi contains a lot of high-quality protein, fat, vitamins and minerals that are good for the body. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals.

To prepare the tea, one needs to have one tea bag into a cup, pour 5.0 to 6.8 FL of boiling water into the cup, leave it for 2 to 3 minutes, and shake the tea bag from side to side and remove it. 

The best temperature to serve is about 140°F, but not too hot to enjoy the pearl barley (Hatomugi) flavor.

It is highly recommendable for those interested in health and beauty as it can be taken as a daily skincare routine. 

Pearl Barley(Hatomugi) Tea Bags

Second in the list is the Japanese Hatomugicha pearl barley (Hatomugi) tea concentrate which can be enjoyed with water, soda, or milk. 

The tea concentrate makes it easy to drink since it takes a lot of time to boil pearl barley (Hatomugi) tea. 

Can be served over vanilla ice cream as an affogato. It can also be used as a cocktail base. It is decaffeinated, so it is safe for children.

Pearl Barley(Hatomugi) Tea Concentrate

The third latest product from Hatomugi Labo is the breakfast cereal of roasted adlay pearl barley (Hatomugi) that comes with a mixture of dried fruits (raisins, green raisins, pineapple, papaya and cranberries). 

The cereal is made from roasted pearl barley (Hatomugi) from Tochigi prefecture in Japan. The crunchy and fragrant cereal results from many trials and is mixed with slightly sweet dried fruits.

Best for breakfast or when one is a little hungry, instead of snacks. Great as a topping for yogurt or ice cream. 

Cereal of roasted adlay pearl barley(Hatomugi)

The other latest product is the pearl barley(Hatomugi) tear grass milk, which is made with high-quality ingredients (milk, tear grass tea, tear grass grains granulated sugar and finished with Rum).

It is a great choice for toppings on desserts, such as ice creams, pancakes, yogurts, and scones.

Pearl barley(Hatomugi) tear grass milk jam

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