The cryptocurrency circle opens the year with a bang, FTF is the first choice for wealth myths

March 03 18:45 2022

FTF digital asset derivatives exchange, the opening of the year of the coin circle! The best investment opportunity in 2022! The best investment opportunity in 2022!


FTF is committed to the establishment of digital assets, digital currency transactions and big data transmission as the core of the decentralized digital asset trading platform. FTF, not only a digital currency exchange, but also a digital asset trading hub, a digital economy era value router, FTF geek tribe, across the world, to help achieve the road to Internet + wealth appreciation!

The current international financial field, decentralization has become the industry’s general consensus on the future trend, will be all tangible and intangible barriers finally break, belonging to our core values from now on forever flow. In the midst of this unprecedented change, FTF with firm beliefs, advanced technology and professional model, go the fastest, go the farthest, and will eventually move into the future.

In FTF decentralized system, FTF operation by the smart contract automatically executed, any individual does not have the right to force intervention in the operation of the system. Smart contracts are likened to “cold numbers, trust in the machine, real value” to provide security for FTF, which is the best explanation of FTF decentralization, but also FTF’s precise grasp of the long-term goal.

FTF digital currency exchange, is jointly developed by the top technical team of the cryptocurrency circle, and the establishment of digital finance group, digital ecology research and development team and the chief operating officer of each country to jointly govern a decentralized exchange. FTF adhere to the “investor interests as the core” concept of operation, truly from the interests of investors, and According to the analysis of digital assets that have achieved actual results to maintain its own user base, independent storage of user information, to provide investors with high-quality digital asset services.


FT adopts the coin and share issuance model, total issue 999,900, shareholder node 9999 places, the opportunity is not to be missed! First come, first served! Participation: 1 phase: 100U a node 3999; 2 phase: 200U a node 3000; 3 phase: 300U a node 3000. 100 nodes for a community, sharing five communities to become joint shareholders of FTFSWAP exchange. Shareholders can obtain the following rights and interests: 1, lifelong shareholder coin confirmation dividends through FTFSWAP earnings. 2, coin and stock trading with the same right, on line 100 times the bottom. 3, add the pool to enjoy the benefits. 4, all on the coin project side of the pre-emptive airdrop and first-hand advice. 5, priority access to subcoin private placement quota. 6, have FTFSWAP on the coin priority.

FTF will simultaneously issue 21 million platform coins, no private placement, no pre-mining. Contract all write dead, the project side all give up authority, only to achieve the true sense of decentralized services, to create a human technology wealth frontier trends.

FTF has a mature and perfect business operation mechanism, providing the most advanced technology concept to each customer, and jointly realize the efficient income of wealth thousand-fold appreciation. Global leaders enjoy 8 generations of income, need to hold 8000 FTF wallet address. the day of launch will be a rush to achieve 500-1000 times. Global 9999 node partners (original shareholders) in the true sense of the realization of everyone as shareholders, everyone as a dealer, everyone has a sense of ownership. Each node shareholder only needs to share 1-2 people, the coin price will break through more than 10,000 times. All these visions are not unattainable, and now is the best time to enter the game.

FTF invites all knowledgeable people to participate, to help realize the dream of wealth, to the forefront of the times, and you work together to meet the new glory!

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