GogoMeow Pet Water Fountain Launched on Kickstarter

March 03 12:48 2022
Innovative device keeps cats hydrated while featuring an intelligent, efficient, and stylish design

GogoMeow, a patented cactus-shaped intelligent water drinking fountain for cats, was launched today on Kickstarter, at <https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2023044015/gogomeow-pet-drinking-fountain?ref=7zgib9>.

Gogomeow pet drinking fountain eatures a 4-stage filtration system including activated charcoal, a nano-filter, and a non-woven fabric to keep impurities, fallen hair, and bacteria away. The device is also designed with an anti-scale system made with an ion exchange resin that keeps the hardness minerals from coming out of, preventing buildup of scale on the water tank.

“GogoMeow is made for the comfort and health of cats, and for the happiness and convenience of their human families,” said Person Pei Wang of the GogoMeow campaign. The device also automatically replenishes the drinking part of the fountain with more water every time your cat drinks water, with two available modes that the user can choose from. The water fountain is also equipped with an intelligent system that keeps a constant temperature water supply at about 25°C ± 3°C, matching the recommended temperature for water intake for cats.

The patented design also reflects the innovative nature of the product. “We wanted to create something engaging and functional for cats, and also stylish enough to work as a good-looking piece of home decoration,” Mr. XYZ commented.

GogoMeow can be used anywhere. It has a long battery autonomy of 24 days, working wirelessly. It can be charged either with an USB Type-C wired power cord or using four triple-A batteries for backup power, if you’re traveling or if you’re in an area where power goes out frequently.

“We also know that cats get scared easily and may at times be hyperactive,” commented Lv Jian, alluding to the fact that the device runs smoothly below 35 decibels, and has a bite-proof cord that represents no hazard in case a cat bites it. The device’s intelligent system is also programmed to automatically turn off whenever the sensor detects that there is no more water in GogoMeow’s two tanks.

The GogoMeow campaign on Kickstarter at <https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2023044015/gogomeow-pet-drinking-fountain?ref=7zgib9> is seeking to raise $3,000 to fund the large-scale production of the water fountain. Backers who support the campaign gain early and discounted access to the product.

About the Company

Guangdong YuanMiao Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2021 as a high-tech company that independently develops and produces intelligent products for pets created based on pet habits and behaviors and inspired by animal medicine and animal nutrition criteria. These products are primarily designed to improve the well-being of pets and their care from pet owners.

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