‘Matrix project,’ advances into the world beyond Asia.

March 03 12:38 2022

‘Matrix project’ made its first official launching in Vietnam on the 1st of March with the cooperation of DiveFalsh in Korea and Arable Foundation in Singapore. Matrix project is a metaverse project to construct a marine and earth environment including marine ecology, and it has a significant difference from other existing metaverses. 

The most prominent feature of the Matrix project is that it is a mainnet based on Solana. ‘Solana’ is considered as Ethereum killer equipped with high transmission speed and low charging fee for the convenience of users while other various virtual assets and existing metaverses based on blockchains were founded on ERC-20. 

Furthermore, Solana Labs, the developer of Solana, currently launched ‘Solana Pay,’ a payment solution for cryptocurrency. Solana Pay supports affiliated stores using cryptocurrency payment based on Solana such as USD coin, SOL, and FTT. The matrix that transferred their mainnet to Solana will have a wider range of choices related to the additional places for the use of token and the convenience of consumers. 

The second feature of Solana is its airdrop including ICO, and Matrix token has successfully started its ICO process. The ICO is the ‘Seed IDO’ that will be performed for the first time in Matrix, and based on the content in the white paper, the tokens equivalent to 5% of the total issuance will be offered as an initial coins. 

Apart from this differentiated features, its launching of PFP is expected with their own world view. As it is the first PFP that will be issued, the project has a plan to make a key subject that establishes the core of the Matrix’s story as a non-fungible token(NFT). 

Only 10,000 PFPs will be issued, and they will be sold to holders through ICO in the form of an airdrop event or according to priorities. Such PFP can be converted to 3D characters in the metaverse space that will be created by Matrix later and used for various activities including communities and games. 

PFP(Profile For Picture) is a NFT exclusive for profiles and is currently used by not only celebrities and influencers but also the general public. The representative examples are CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club, and the average price of each NFT is 67 ETH and 84 ETH, respectively, being sold for amazingly high prices.

On top of that, the project manager who will lead the project in Vietnam has a remarkably successful career history. Lee Sun-ki, General director of Asia, worked as a production director in J2 Entertainment, which is the best production company for dramas in Korea, and now he is leading NOIR Entertainment in Vietnam. 

Moreover, Wendy, the Vietnamese local project manager, who was considered to be one of the best blockchain experts in Vietnam, was named one of the 100 people for the Future of Asia by Apple Daily, Hongkong, in 2020. She is also known as the star of Vietnam among Korean people, and her name was also registered as one of ‘20 new financial specialists in Asia’ by ‘Blockchain journalists Association’ in Korea, emerging as a new star in the area of virtual assets in Asia.

Chairman Jung Hae-kwon from Blockchain journalists Association in Korea said, “Existing blockchain projects usually started from Korea, and Vietnam or other Southeast Asian countries have been chosen lastly. But this Matrix project is starting from Vietnam, and Korea was chosen as the last country. It can be considered as highly significant because it shows that Vietnam is now the center of blockchain among other Southeast Asian countries.”

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